Photostory Archive

On this page, you will find an index of all my old photostories!

Please note, I have since “reset” all my photostories so none of these storylines are “canon.” However, I have left them up for entertainment purposes. My new photostory series, “Dolls of the Pacific Heights” can be found here.

Jessica’s Doll Diaries

Jessica is a model who lives with her two best friends, Aimee and Neko!

  1. Meet the Dolls and FAQ
  2. Aimee’s Worst Day Ever (Part 1)
  3. Up All Night (Part 2)
  4. Catching Up At Berry Blast (Part 3)
  5. A Dismal Discovery 
  6. Neko’s Strange Morning
  7. Results Day (Part 1)
  8. Results Day Continued (Part 2)
  9. Cake for Breakfast (Part 3)
  10. Barbie’s Job Offer (Part 4)
  11. A New Neighbour
  12. Neko’s First Celebrity Photoshoot
  13. Ryan Comes Over For a Visit 
  14. Aimee’s TV Special


Neko vs Planet Fashion

High school student / budding fashion blogger Neko is offered the chance of a lifetime -an internship at the cool magazine Planet Fashion in New Doll City! When everything goes wrong, can Neko stick it out or will she be forced to say goodbye to her fashion dreams?*

  1. Meet Neko
  2. The Photoshoot 
  3. The Phone Call 
  4. The Jacket 
  5. The Goodbye
  6. The Introduction
  7. The First Assignment
  8. The Delivery Girl
  9. The Final Decision
  10. The Return

*This story takes place after ‘Aquifolia High School’ -however it can be read as a stand-alone story!

Just Add-2

Just Add Chloe

Chloe, an independent magazine editor living in New Doll City doesn’t need a man. That is, until she meets Steven! But there’s just one problem -Steven’s three children! Is Chloe willing to swap her fast-paced, coffee-fueled city lifestyle for bedtime stories, soccer practise and school fundraisers?*

  1. Meet Chloe
  2. The Decision
  3. The New House
  4. The Test, Part 1
  5. The Test, Part 2
  6. The Compromise 
  7. The Catch-Up
  8. The Preparations
  9. The Dinner Party
  10. The Sunny Day
  11. The Busy Morning
  12. The Lunch Meeting
  13. The Finale, Part 1
  14. The Finale, Part 2

*This story takes place after ‘Aquifolia High School’ and ‘Neko vs Planet Fashion’ -however it can be read as a stand-alone story!

and her sisters'

Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

In this mini-series, Barbie and her sisters Skipper and Stacie head to a luxurious ski resort right before Christmas! There, they will make new friends, learn new skills and discover the true meaning of the holidays.

  1. Meet Barbie and Her Sisters
  2. Video Killed the Radio Star
  3. Dressin’ Up
  4. Janessa Saves the Day
  5. The Girls Have a Visitor
  6. Saying Goodbye to the Slopes
  7. Santa’s Toy Workshop
  8. Skipper’s Cellphone Addiction?!
  9. A Special Present
  10. Merry Christmas

*This story takes place after ‘Aquifolia High School,’ ‘Neko vs Planet Fashion’ and ‘Just Add Chloe,’ but can definitely be read as a stand-alone story!


Ello Models Inc.

This mini-series follows the adventures of experienced model Drew, newbie Nikki and clueless-about-everything Jessica as they navigate their way through photoshoots, wardrobe malfunctions and fashion events.

  1. Nikki Comes Over For a Visit 
  2. Meet The Faces of Ello Models Inc. 
  3. Nikki and Barbie’s Sleepover 
  4. The First Photoshoot 
  5. Jeans for Change
  6. Drew’s Plan
  7. Where’s Nikki?
  8. Things Go Wrong
  9. “Jeans for Change” Photoshoot
  10. Perfectly Mad
  11. The Daily Doll
  12. An Unexpected Twist

*This story takes place after ‘Aquifolia High School,’ ‘Neko vs Planet Fashion,’ ‘Just Add Chloe’ and ‘Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure,’ but can be read as a standalone story!

*This story is directly continued by ‘All Aboard’

All Aboard

Set sail for a new adventure! In this mini photostory series, workaholic Chloe decides to go on a spontaneous cruise holiday after suffering from a sudden stress-induced heart attack at work. There, she meets shy girl Emily, sarcastic Chris and the charming Ryan Kim, a wannabe famous vlogger. Unfortunately for Chloe, who was hoping for a “relaxing holiday,” it doesn’t take long for hearts to break, lies to unravel and the ship to become stranded at sea -literally! Will the dolls ever find their way back to shore?

  1. An Unexpected Twist
  2. Affairs of the Heart
  3. Chloe’s Holiday
  4. Ryan Makes His Move
  5. Poor Emily!
  6. The Party Continues
  7. Exposed!
  8. The Day is Saved
  9. Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

*This story takes place after ‘Aquifolia High School,’ ‘Neko vs Planet Fashion,’ ‘Just Add Chloe,’ ‘Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure’ and ‘Ello Models Inc,’ but again, you can read this as a standalone story.


Aquifolia High


Everything changes in Aquifolia High School upon the arrival of three new students -Emily, Zapp and real-life princess Aimee. Do Emily and Catrina succeed in their quest to become The Most Popular Girls In School? Can Zapp win the heart of computer geek Danika? Watch their adventures as they navigate their way through the world of high school, dating, friendships and outer space.*

*Yes, you read that correctly.

  1. The New Girl 
  2. Anonymous Panda
  3. Going Offline
  4. Saturday Morning
  5. The Party
  6. The BFF Meeting
  7. Welcome to Drama Town
  8. A Stranger in Town
  9. Zapped!
  10. Keep Calm and Drink Tea
  11. Queen of the School
  12. Silk Pants
  13. Go Team!
  14. Exam Time
  15. Andrew Goes to the Toilet
  16. Back Home Safely
  17. Tori’s Big Secret
  18. Babysitting
  19. Barbie Saves The Day
  20. Too Much Love
  21. Midge’s Great Idea
  22. Imogen’s Fresh Start
  23. A Trip to the Cinemas
  24. Ryan the Couch Hog
  25. Catrina Makes Life Difficult
  26. Aimee the Space Princess
  27. Two Worlds Apart
  28. Not Cut Out For This
  29. Double Date
  30. Exam Time 2.0
  31. Do You Think I’m Boring?
  32. See You Around, Jewel

Aquifolia High


Summer is over and it’s time for a new school year! Neko rediscovers her love for competitive ice-skating, former best friends Emily and Catrina compete for class president and Princess Aimee struggles between making time for science, the subject she loves, and the royal duties she is obliged to do.

  1. Back to School
  2. It’s a Baby! (Or not)
  3. I Won’t Let You Down
  4. Neko On Ice
  5. Not Hatin’, Just Skatin’
  6. Princess Chatter
  7. Aimee’s Space Journey 2.0
  8. Not Such a Princess
  9. Coronation Day
  10. The Election
  11. The Election Part II
  12. A Day at the Daycare
  13. Prom Worries
  14. Catrina Tries Her Best
  15. Trapped!
  16. Imogen’s Prom
  17. Hello, It’s Invitation Only
  18. Skipper Skips Town Part I
  19. Skipper Skips Town Part II
  20. We Open on Monday (short little “update” story)
  21. Hangin’ Out At the Mall
  22. I Am The Captain Now
  23. Food Brings Everyone Together
  24. Skipper’s Surprise Party
  25. Doctor, Doctor
  26. Danika Needs a Friend
  27. Call Me, Beep Me If Ya Wanna Reach Me


Random (in no order)

  1. The Audition
  2. Beautiful Ballerinas!
  3. What Happens After Camp? (Rock ‘n Royals)
  4. The Meeting 
  5. Neko’s Day (loosely continues on from ‘The Meeting’)
  6. Skipper’s Music Battle
  7. C’est l’halloween!
  8. Midge Goes to the Doctors
  9. Family Camping Trip
  10. Off to the Mall!
  11. Happy Father’s Day
  12. Catrina Gives Barbie a Makeover
  13. Technology Robots
  14. Barbie and Amy Go Horse-Riding
  15. Chelsea’s Christmas Wish

Short Stories -Cali Girl Adventures

  1. Barbie: Cali Girl Adventures 

Short Stories –The Cheer Diaries

  1. Why Monday Mornings are the Worst
  2. Pizza Day
  3. Friendship Everlasting
  4. It Starts with a Cartwheel
  5. The Secret’s Out


The Squad *many discontinuities, these are not very good*

  1. The Squad Moves In
  2. Is it Christmas already?
  3. Christmas Goodies!
  4. Pizza Party

Barbie Festival (in no order)

  1. Barbie Festival ’15
  2. Barbie Festival ’16 
  3. Barbie Festival ’17