Barbie Festival ’16

It’s August again, so it’s time for another Barbie Festival! I can’t believe it’s been a year already -I was looking through my things and saw a Kelly jacket and thought ‘I can use my new jacket in my next blog post,’ but then I realised I got the jacket a year ago. It’s not that new anymore. And yet, I’ve barely used it! I’m starting to wonder why on Earth I buy new Barbie stuff, when there’s still so much I need to use. I have decided that from now until December, every Barbie thing I buy will go towards Christmas.

Anyway, onto the post. What is a Barbie Festival? It’s basically like a huge market for my dolls and I’ve been doing it for quite a few years, although only last year’s  is online. You can view it here. This isn’t going to be a photostory with an actual story, it’s just pictures with some dialogue.

Also, I took the pictures in the middle of the night, so the quality is less than perfect.


In all honesty, Holly is a little annoyed. She and Kayla arrived early to the Barbie Festival this year, and this is what they get? A giant line for the snack bar? Nu-uh, this is not okay!


They finally arrive to the counter. Why isn’t Teresa paying attention?


The tables are full, so Kayla and Princess Holly have to eat standing up.


New additions this year include a petting area, which is a hit with the children.


The hair salon is new, too. Neko is volunteering, even though she doesn’t really know how to cut hair. Or do anything to do with hair, for that matter. Fashion is more her thing.


This year, only Erika is performing, instead of the whole band. Nobody minds -Erika is a great performer. Well, Neko probably minds. The microphone is right next to the hair salon and Neko keeps sending her dirty looks whenever she sings too loud. You can’t really blame her; that would get pretty annoying, standing next to a singer all day.

I did the Barbie Festival indoors for the first time, which really limited my space. Everything was so crowded, and I couldn’t fit in all the stalls I wanted. It was especially difficult because I had to make the background out of boxes, to conceal the skirting boards and wall. Still, I think the girls had fun!


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