Saturday Morning (Photostory)

It’s Saturday morning and Imogen feels like a pile of rubbish. She didn’t sleep well; she was thinking too much about Emily and what she did to her.


She decides to call Barbie.


Barbie announces that she’s coming over right after netball practise. Imogen protests, but Barbie hangs up.


Barbie arrives. Imogen tells her how she feels. “What you did was wrong,” Barbie says. “I know it, you know it. But you’ve already spoken to Emily about it -there’s nothing more you can do. Stop beating yourself up.” Imogen is disappointed, because that didn’t really help, and Barbie usually gives the best advice.


Meanwhile, Catrina is at Emily’s house. “I can’t find any snacks.” Emily announces, coming into the living room.

Sidenote: Why on Earth is that couch so low? Perhaps it used to have a stand or something, because surely they could not have made a couch like that? Catrina’s practically sitting on the ground!


“What?” Catrina says, pretending to be shocked. “You make me the least unpopular person at school and don’t even have any snacks to offer me?” Emily’s face falls, so Catrina tries to backtrack. “You’re lucky you’re so wonderful then, aren’t you?”

“Don’t worry,” Emily smiles. “If things get too bad, I can go back to my aunt and you can be friends with Barbie again.” Catrina doubts that Barbie will want to be friends with her again, but doesn’t say anything.


The girls are interrupted by Brooke, who suddenly barges in. “Oh. Sorry, Catrina. I didn’t realise you were here…”


“It’s okay.” Catrina says, rushing to get up. “I’ll leave.” Catrina has since worked out that Emily’s mum doesn’t like her.


“What’s up with you?” Emily asks. Brooke isn’t sure what to say.


“Honey… Your aunt had a nasty fall down some stairs. Since you’re no longer living with her, she’s decided to sell her house. She’s living in an apartment in the city.”

“That means -that means I can’t go back. I’m stuck here.” Emily is horrified. She always assumed that if things didn’t work out with her mum, she could always go back to her aunt. Not anymore.


Emily runs off to find Catrina. “Wait!”


“So I can’t go back to my aunt. She’s sold her house.” Emily explains, looking concerned. “What happens if things do get worse? If school starts being awful?”

“That won’t happen.” Catrina assures her. “Because we’re going to be popular. If I did it before, I can do it again! Just you wait.”


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