Ryan Comes Over for a Visit // Jessica’s Doll Diaries

Neko has left for her photoshoot and Aimee has left for her TV interview, so Jessica is left at home by herself.

She is busy cleaning up the breakfast dishes when she hears a knock at the door.

“Come in! It’s open!” Jessica shouts.

It must be Aimee or Neko, she thinks. They must have forgotten something.

To Jessica’s surprise, it’s Ryan, their new neighbour! Jessica can’t believe it! She has a big crush on Ryan.

“Oh, uh… Hey. Just wanted to say hello… I moved in across the street.”

“Oh! Ryan! Hello!”

Jessica can’t believe that Ryan is here, in her own house!

“Take a seat…” Jessica says. “So Ryan, what’s been happening? Where’s Ashlyn Ella?”

Ashlyn Ella is Ryan’s girlfriend.

“Actually, we broke up this morning…” Ryan explains. “That’s why I decided to come over. I realised that Ashlyn Ella has been taking up so much of my time, I hadn’t even had a chance to meet any of my new neighbours yet!”

“Oh no, really?” Jessica pretends to be sad about it. “I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay… You’re a good friend, Jessica. I’ve really missed hanging out with you.”

“You can stay here all day!” Jessica offers. She is feeling rather pleased with herself. “I’ll make us some coffee!”

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