The Party Continues // All Aboard!

For today’s phtostory, we’re back on the cruise ship and the party is still in full swing!

Emily and Chloe are enjoying themselves. That is, until they spot Emily’s ex-boyfriend Ryan approaching…

“Hey, ladies!” Ryan tries his best to be charming.

“Go away, Ryan,” Emily says. “I don’t want to talk to you!”

“I’m not here to talk to you,” Ryan sneers. “I’m here to talk to Chloe! Can you give us some space please? It’s private.”

Once Emily leaves, Ryan asks Chloe if he can join her modelling agency.

“I’d be a really great model!” He says. “I’m charming and I have real hair! And did I mention that my elbows can bend as well?”

Chloe tries her best not to laugh. “Ryan… I work for a female fashion magazine. There aren’t any men in the agency! It’s just for girls.”

“Oh. Well. Fine then!”

Chris spots Ryan heading towards the other side of the cruise ship.

“Hey, Ryan, what’s up? You seem upset.”

“Chloe wouldn’t let me join her agency! After I tried so hard to get her attention! I broke up with my girlfriend for her! Heck, I stole this whole cruise ship for her!”

Chris can hardly believe what she’s hearing. “Wait… What? You stole the entire cruise ship?!”


Sorry this chapter took me so long! I don’t really have an excuse, I just didn’t get around to it… Haha oops…

Oh, and by the way -in case you haven’t noticed, Flickr has been pretty deserted since they introduced all those mega-changes to the free accounts. If you’re looking for an alternative, Google Photos allows unlimited uploads and the interface is rather nice. One thing to be aware of, however, is that Google has a nasty track record of deleting their services after a few years (sometimes without warning), so be careful not to store anything important there!



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