Dolls of Pacific Heights #5: Barbie vs Ken

Teresa and Barbie are hanging out in Barbie’s bedroom, getting ready to go out to lunch.

“How do I look?”

Teresa is dumbfounded. “Like a Grandma.”

“Do I still look like Barbie?”

“Uh, yeah. Of course. No matter what you wear, you’ll always look like Barbie.”

“Ugh,” Barbie groans. “It’s the bag, isn’t it?”

“No. It’s the fact that your necklace literally says Barbie.”

“Oh. Right. I forgot I was wearing that.”

“Why are you dressing like a grandma anyway?” Teresa is confused. She knows that Barbie is crazy, but this is just a whole other level! Has her breakup with Ken gotten to her head?

“To hide from the paparazzi, of course!” Barbie puts on her sunglasses and prepares to head out. “They’ll surely know about my breakup with Ken, and I do not want to be recognised!”

Teresa rolls her eyes. This girl is ridiculous!

The girls are heading out to lunch when they spot Ken! In the kitchen, of all places!

“Ken!” Barbie is furious. “Why are you in MY house? We’re broken up, remember! You broke me up with ME!”

“I still have a key!” Ken protests. “I’m just here to get my stuff! And then I’m out, I promise!”

“Ken, I love you, but what in Mattel’s name are you wearing? Is that Barbie’s old beach jacket?”

Teresa can’t help but laugh. And Barbie thought this man was straight?

Ken ignores Teresa’s comments. It might be Barbie’s old jacket, but it looks damn good on him!

“Barbie, just let me get my stuff. Then I’m gone. We can talk another day.”

He pauses for a moment. “…Why are you dressed like Midge’s grandma?”

“Those are my crisps!” Barbie lunges for the packet that Ken has just taken. From her kitchen, no less!

“They’re mine! I paid for them!”

They have my name on them! I have copyright! That’s official Barbie merchandise you’re taking! Get out of my house!”

“Fine, fine! I’m gone, okay?” Ken gives up. He still has a key – he can come back for his other stuff later.


3 thoughts on “Dolls of Pacific Heights #5: Barbie vs Ken

  1. I went to your photostory archives. I enjoy them. Is there a way I can go back to the beginning of your regular posts instead of going backwards from the main page?


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