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Barbie Extra Rainbow Braids (RARE) Unboxing & Review

I am super happy since I finally managed to get my hands on the new Rainbow Braids Extra doll!!!!

I saw her a few times when the Extra line first debuted and I was like “eh, too much eyebrows” and didn’t buy her. Then, I changed my mind and was hunting for her for MONTHS. I couldn’t find her anywhere!!!

Then, after searching and searching, I finally found her in a small Target for $35. (Which I had just checked a few days earlier and she wasn’t there. She was the only one on the shelf, too! What a lucky find.)

I’m still waiting to see any of the Wave 2 dolls – that blonde doll with the pigtails is definitely on my wishlist!- but hopefully they will be available in the shops before Christmas. (Speaking of! Did you see that they have released promo images of the Wave 3 dolls? They all look so cute!! Definitely have a little Google if you haven’t seen them yet.)

Here she is in the box. Random idea – wouldn’t it be cool if the rainbow was actually a keyring that you could use for yourself? Rather than just a weird cardboard decoration. It just feels like a waste to just throw it away.

“Please, I want my bag! It’s DESIGNER! I need it!”

I’ve decided to name her Nolee, like from MyScene. Then my blonde Extra doll I will name Kennedy to match. I want to try and collect more of the Extra dolls and then give them all MyScene names.

“Look at all these tassels!”

Um, anyone else think the tassels are little bit too extra? The jacket would have been much nicer without them.

Here’s a close-up of her face. I still think the eyebrows are too bushy, but the rest of her face is nice.

Here she is without the jacket. Much better! All the pieces look so cute. I actually love the entire outfit, and it’s great that everything is seperate so you can mix and match.

She’s also wearing this really cute pink bracelet.

Three really cute necklaces, too.

Her socks are REAL FABRIC !!! And her shoes have TWO COLOURS! Isn’t that awesome? They both look fantastic. I think these are some of my favourite Barbie shoes I own.

Here’s a close-up of those gorgeous, gorgeous braids. I want to remove them so I can see how the colours look without the braids, but I’m also worried about messing it up.

Here they are from the back. So fabulous! It makes me wish I was one of those cool art students, living in Toronto and working at Starbucks or something, and I had hair like this.

“Please! My bag! It’s DESIGNER, remember? I need it!”

Okay, okay! You can have your bag now!

Here she is showing off her bag. Personally, I don’t think it’s the best Barbie bag out there, but it’s not the worse, either.

Nolee disagrees. “What do you mean? It’s my favourite!”

Those sunglasses, however – so cool! I love how the style is different from usual Barbie sunglasses.

Here’s her little dog in its little car. It’s pretty cute, I will admit, but too big to be a toy for Chelsea and I honestly don’t know what I will do with it. Can it be used as a decoration in a house?

The dog is also cute, but it’s head is too damn heavy and it won’t even stand up! I think this is a very flawed design. Back in the car you go!

And well, that’s my review! I ended up cutting the tassels on the jacket to a shorter length (I might try to remove them completely eventually). Overall, I am super happy I ended up buying this girl and I cannot WAIT until my Barbie Room is all set up and ready to go, so she can be on display!

But! Before I go, some general updates:

My Barbie Room is slowly making progress! I have almost finished painting. I painted the whole room from an ugly, garish BLUE (who paints interior walls blue? Even the kitchen was blue!) to a nice, cool white, but there’s a few more finishing touches to go. I also set up the desk. Now I just need to buy a spare bed and some shelving!

Everything is going pretty well for me. My new / old / “it’s complicated” job is going really well! I like it even better than I liked my old job. (Which is technically the same position, but it’s like … in a different sector of the company). I actually was scheduled to have a workshop-thing WITH MY OLD BOSS (who basically tried, unsuccessfully, to get rid of me) but I ended up calling out because I was like, “nope, not being in the same room with her.”

Every day is so much fun. It’s such a fantastic environment. I can’t express enough how much I love working a job that inspires me everyday to be my best, and then coming home and eating whatever I want for dinner (last night I cooked a delicious steak all by myself!) and wearing whatever I want (pink Barbie hoodies? yes please) and going wherever I want. Being able to make my own decisions is just… the best. It’s the best.

So if there’s any young people reading this that live with their parents and think “wow, life sucks,” I promise you, it gets sooo much better. I have a lot of readers on this blog, according to my statistics, so I just wanted to put that out there.

Okay! That’s all. Have a great weekend and I hope to be back soon with more Barbie posts! xxx


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