Affairs of the Heart // All Aboard

Hello everyone! In the previous episode of All Aboard, our poor Chloe has suddenly had a heart attack in the middle of a meeting and now she has been taken to hospital.

(As a disclaimer, I didn’t do any research for this storyline at all, so just pretend I know what I’m talking about.)

“That’s it. I’m dead. I’ve died and this is the afterlife.”

Chloe can’t believe it. She was expecting a bit more fanfare.

“Ms Woods, I assure you that you are alive and well. You’ve had a heart attack, but everything seems fine now. Are you in any pain?”

Chloe looks up at the doctor. Well, I guess I’m not dead after all, she thinks to herself. Hooray.

“No, I feel pretty good, all things considered. How did I have a heart attack? Aren’t they for, like, old people? I’m only thirty!”


“It’s actually more common than it appears on TV, Ms Woods,” the doctor explains. “Are you under any stress at the moment? Have you been dealing with any sudden life changes, for example?”

Chloe ponders that for a moment. Well, she did just move in with her boyfriend recently, and became the unofficial stepmother for his six-year-old daughter. And then she broke up with that boyfriend. And now she’s had to fire one of her models, which means she has to do a whole new casting session… Oh, and there’s the magazine editor thing, of course…

“No. No stress at all. Nothing has been happening.”

Jessica and Nikki are at the hospital as well.

“Chloe, I really think you should go on holiday or something,” Jessica suggests. “Don’t worry about Ello Models Inc -your assistant, Janessa, can take care of everything! And of course, Nikki and I are happy to help out. The casting process will go fine without you.”

Chloe isn’t sure about leaving her assistant Janessa in charge of things, but a holiday does sound nice… Maybe somewhere warm and sunny, like Bali? Or Hawaii! Oh, the options were endless!

“Alright then, I guess I will go on a holiday. Sometimes breaks are good, right? I’ll give Janessa a ring tomorrow.”


10 thoughts on “Affairs of the Heart // All Aboard

    1. I was hoping to write more soon, but I’ve been so busy recently! I have a day off in two week’s time, so hopefully I can write up several then. I like to write lots in one day and then schedule them for later. Chloe is going to have a very …exciting… holiday. Haha, I have lots of dramatic things all planned out 😉

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      1. That’t very understandable. I was hoping to do 4-5 things in each blogmas post, but my scheduled is suffering with these 2 anyway. Can’t wait to see what comes next!!!!!!

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  1. Wow! Glad everything turned out all right for Chloe! Regardless of a person’s age, a heart attack is always a very scary and terrifying thing, I’m sure. I’m interested to see where she might go on vacation. And if there will be a replacement for Drew. Maybe we’ll find out soon?

    This is a side note, but, did you ever watch anymore Dreamhouse Adventures? I’m honestly not that interested anymore, and while I might watch new episodes when they release, I’m not super excited or anything.


    1. No I didn’t 😦 They changed the price to $25 per month and I thought that was just too expensive. I’m not really that interested either -I was terribly excited for the series but it didn’t meet my expectations. I felt like it would have been better if the storylines were more connected and the characters were more developed.

      Drew’s replacement won’t be announced until the end of this series, I’ll be focusing on her holiday (and also the other guests that are staying in the same place.) Hopefully I can get properly started soon! ~


      1. I couldn’t help but notice that you said you haven’t watched any more of DA. There is an episode that you haven’t written about, so I’m guessing you haven’t watched it yet. It is expiring very early on Sunday morning (before you get up). You need to make an account with 9Now, but it is free and I think you can do it with Facebook/Google. So, just letting you know if you want to watch more.


      2. Found it! I just made an account. I forgot to do it earlier haha. I’ll give it a watch later on. Thanks! I also saw a DVD at the shops (it was either Big W or Kmart), but I don’t have a DVD player. It’s good they’re making it more accessible though.

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      3. Oh, that’s good 🙂 Yeah, I saw it too. I found it in Big W.
        Also, since I won’t write about it till next year but I really want to tell someone, I found Fashonistas AT COLES! I didn’t but any, but they were $13 and there was one I haven’t seen yet.

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  2. Oops, the other one sent lol. I was saying that I watched episode 6 of DA and it’s fine. Available for a few hours now


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