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12DP Edeline and The Squad moves in

image image

“Ah!” Imogen sighs loudly, plopping herself down on the couch. “Okay, forget what I said in the car -this place rocks!”

“Um, Barbie, the fridge is missing a handle.” Grace says, a bit confused as to why Barbie, a massive celebrity and billionaire, picked what seemed like the worst apartment in all of Aquifolia.


Barbie ignores her. “Okay, team, let’s split up and get the essentials so we can actually start living in this place.” Everyone heads off.

Meanwhile, a young redhead knocks timidly on the door. Where, oh, where is President Amalia? She thinks. She’s supposed to be here to meet me! 

image image

Finally, she arrives. “Princess Edeline!” Amalia cries. “It’s a pleasure to meet you! Your sister, Genevieve, has told me lots about you. Come this way, Hadley and Isla are waiting for you in the garden.”

image image

Isn’t she beautiful? She has the Godess sculpt, my first. Although the dress she came in looks very similar to her original, it’s far from being the same, which confuses me quite a lot. Her hair colour is brown in the movie, so that’s odd as well.


Here is the dress. It’s still beautiful nonetheless, and the right colours, too.


This is Edeline with Hadley and Isla. I couldn’t find Genevieve. The second photo is Edeline with Courtney and Delia from the movie, if you can’t remember which one she is.

image image

“Gee, Imogen.” Barbie remarks, as she and the others put the groceries away. “When I said essentials, I didn’t mean a TV!”

“But a TV is essential!” She protests. “Ah ha! Wrong wire -got it!”


When all the shopping is put away, Imogen subtly turns on the TV and the girls creep over to watch some. Looks like she was right all along!


Sorry for the hiatus, everyone! My room got some redecorating, which meant I needed to put away the Barbies for a little while. I’ve put them all in a box, while some shelves are being built, which means it’s difficult to get to the ones at the bottom. I did, however, make a ‘squad’ of four core girls, my new go-to dolls, who have their own little apartment on my bookcase. The photo quality sucks, but at least it can stay set up.


And here’s a little photoshoot I took earlier. Don’t they all look great? I feel like their outfits really express their unique personalities. Ta for now.


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