7 thoughts on ““Jeans for Change” Photoshoot

  1. I really admire the way you pose your dolls so realistically in all your photos! They kinda remind me of the way some real-life models pose on magazines! Also, I love Drew’s shirt! Did it come from one of those Barbie fashion packs? If so, I don’t recognize it. But then again, I haven’t exactly been paying attention to the new Barbie releases lately. I was just in Walmart with my dad to get a bathroom scale (totally random, I know!) and I saw shipment boxes in the toy aisle with “Barbie Dolphin Magic” labeled on them. I was surprised! That was released over a year ago and yet they’re still in stores! Guess they’re really good sellers? Or maybe they made too many and still have a lot to sell? Either way I find it strange, as I don’t remember dolls made to accompany the movies being sold that long after original release, do you?


  2. Oh no, her shirt is from 2005/2006/somewhere around then. I can’t remember which set it came with. It’s a good basic tee though!

    At my local stores, movie release dolls go on for ages and ages. There are Dolphin Magic and Video Game Hero dolls still on the shelves. I remember the Princess Power dolls were still available in 2017! It was crazy.

    I think they must order far too many haha.


    1. Oh, okay, so that explains why I’ve never seen it before! It’s a really nice color and so versatile! it would go with a lot of different things!

      I think I also remember seeing the Princess Power dolls in stores in 2017 as well, now that you mention it. I didn’t see any Video Game Hero dolls, but I think you’re right, they must produce/order way too many!

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