Results Day // Jessica’s Doll Diaries

Look at me go! Posting all the time after a ridiculous hiatus! Wow!

Just kidding – I wrote all these recent posts on the same night and have been scheduling them every second day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The reason for all this posting is because I have FINALLY finished exams and all my final essays and reports are finally, finally finished. (Well, for the first semester, at least) Then I have two more semesters this year to go! And then another year. And then another year after. Isn’t university fun? /s

Anyway, let’s get on with today’s photostory! All these dolls used to be sophomores (or juniors… I can’t understand the American school system…), but I decided to age them up to be seniors. This is because I thought it would be more fun if they started to focus on their careers, rather than on school proms and student council elections and all that other stuff! I think I have done enough “school-related” storylines for now!

So, the premise of today’s photostory is -RESULTS DAY! Our main girls, Jessica, Neko and Aimee, have invited over their best friend, Nicki, to look at their school results together.

It’s 8:59am. In exactly one minute, the girls, Aimee, Neko, Nicki and Jessica, will find out their overall grades for senior year. The grades that will determine whether they will go to college, what job they will have, and basically what they will do for the rest of their lives.

Totally not scary at all, right?

Princess Aimee is completely freaking out. She knows she failed her science exam, but what about her maths exam? Her English exam? If she doesn’t get a high enough overall grade, she won’t be able to go to college to become a scientist.

Nicki is also freaking out. She knows she can get a full-time job working as a model, but is that really what she wants to do forever? She hopes she has the grades she needs in order to get into college, even if she’s not exactly sure what she wants to study yet.

Neko is in a similar position. She isn’t sure whether she wants to risk a photography career (her dream job), or go to college instead.

And Jessica? Well, Jessica already knows she has failed! She didn’t even bother to attend her final exams! But she’s perfectly fine with that, too -she’s already a successful model, and is confident that she can land a full-time job in the industry soon enough.

“Okay, girls” Jessica says. “It’s 9am! The results have released!”

Nicki opens up the computer and navigates to the website. It takes a long time to load, since everyone in the country will be checking their grades right now. Neko and Aimee crowd around to have a look.

When the page finally loads, Neko is thrilled! She has a 80% grade, which is enough to get into college! Amazing!

“Wow, I can’t believe it!” Neko cries. “I actually did it!”

Aimee isn’t so happy. She only ended up with 97%, which is certainly a good grade – but unfortunately not enough to get into a science degree! She is so upset that all of her hard work this year has gone to waste.

Jessica comes over to comfort Aimee. “Aw, Aimee, it’ll be okay!” she says. “You can always pick a different degree instead.”

Aimee doesn’t find that very helpful. She wishes she had studied harder.


This is the softbox setup I used to take these photos. It was pitch-black dark outside, and I usually wouldn’t bother taking photos until the morning, but I think they turned out okay with this!

(Don’t worry, I didn’t buy it just for Barbie photography! Part of my job involves video production so I needed it anyway)



3 thoughts on “Results Day // Jessica’s Doll Diaries

  1. What an amazing setup! The photos look great!

    I started life as an American and went through the American school system then moved to the UK. Trying to figure out the school system here was challenging, to say the least. If 97% can’t get you into a science degree program, I’m not sure what will! 😉

    The American system uses two types of grades. In each course, you get a grade and then the grades are averaged so you have a GPA – grade point average. You also take a national tests if you want to go to college, the ACT or SAT tests. You get a total score and individual scores for each subject area. I always managed to do terribly in maths and brilliantly in English. Yet, I still managed to become a scientist. When I interviewed with my supervisor, he was unimpressed with my maths score but impressed with everything else so I was admitted to a postgraduate degree programme and here I am today!

    I hope this all makes sense. My poor English granddaughter has just finished her GCSEs – a month straight of exams!!! So stressful. She’ll find out in August if she’s qualified for sixth form and what subjects. When I first moved here, I was completely confused by “sixth form” and “college” since a college here seems to be a sort of high school combined with what we would call a junior college in the USA. There, a college is an undergraduate four year degree programme and a university is an institution that offers postgraduate degrees.

    I’m guessing that Australia is more similar to the UK than the USA, since you have a 3 year university course. But I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m blathering on and all I really want to say is how happy I am you’re posting again!


    1. Ah, the Australian system is kind of a mix of both! (which is funny because it really should be more like the UK since most other things are). I knew only a little about the UK vs US schooling, but just from books and YouTube vlogs, so it was nice to actually get a decent explanation of everything!

      That’s so good you were still admitted into the program! I’m the same – rubbish at maths but good at English! Your granddaughter must be glad she’s finally finished her GCSEs, I’ve heard they are awful.

      It’s funny / horrible because a score of 97 or even 98 in Australia will literally not get you into many science or medicine degrees. (Expect for things like psychology or midwifery) I scored 82 so I went into business instead! Haha. None of that for me!


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