The Audition (Photostory)


This is Zoey, who has been working very hard on getting her dance studio set up for the auditions later today.


This is the lobby.


And this is the studio itself. Zoey is very pleased with her efforts. And just in time, too!


Here are some of the girls from the Under 16 group.


While they go in, the older girls are left waiting outside. They are the first group of many that will be arriving today.


Melrose and Imogen have similar dance styles and are worried there will only be room for one of them.


Teresa struggles with the ballet section and keeps forgetting the combinations.


However she flourishes in the modern section and is easily the best in class.


Everyone, even seemingly confident Melrose, is nervous about what the results will be.

UPDATE: So I actually got rid of the dance studio, which means this story has no ending… The girls never found out if they got in, the classes never started and Zoey’s dream was crushed. The end.


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