The Decision // Just Add Chloe

It’s a regular, sunny afternoon in Aquifolia, and all the students have just gotten home from school and are getting ready for their part-time jobs and extracurricular activities.

“Are you all ready for your cheerleading meet?” Steven asks his daughter, Grace, who is just about to leave the house.

“Daaaddd!” Grace rolls her eyes. “It’s a practise, not a meet! A meet is a competition.”

Steven shakes his head. “Oh, you know these things are too confusing for me. Just go have fun, okay?”

Despite being the principal of the local high school, Steven isn’t quite up with these things yet.

“Yeah, yeah.” Grace retorts. “I’m going to have dinner with the girls afterwards, so don’t wait up. See ya!”

Steven smiles as he watches his daughter leave. How did she grow up so fast? It seems like only yesterday she and her brother Jacob were just starting school, and now they’re both teenagers!

Outside, a woman watches Grace leave and slinks around to the front door.

Steven can’t help but smile when he sees Chloe, who runs up for a kiss. “How convenient that you arrived just after my daughter leaves,” he says.

Chloe laughs. “Lucky timing!”

The two have been seeing each other for almost a year now, but Steven still hasn’t introduced Chloe to his children. It was Chloe’s decision -as a young businesswoman, she is fiercely independent.

“You know, if you moved to Aquifolia, we wouldn’t have this problem.” Steven says. The two have been talking about moving in together for some time now, but nothing has ever moved forward.

Chloe sighs and takes a seat at the dining table. “I can’t just move here. I live in New Doll City! I work there. I’m a magazine editor, I can’t just uproot to a whole new town!” She is silent for a moment before continuing. “I wish I could though.”

“Come on, Chloe,” Steven says. “Move in with us. Stay in Aquifolia. The kids will love you, I’m sure.”

“But won’t they think it’s weird? I’m only 30, and you’re 35!”

Steven laughs. “That’s only five years! It’s nothing. Besides -Grace and Jacob are in high school. They’ll understand. And Tamika is delighted with anybody that will watch TV with her!”

Grace is sixteen, Jacob is seventeen and little Tamika is six years old.

“I suppose I could always work here, and go into the office when I need…”

Chloe wants to move in with Steven, but isn’t sure if she’s ready to swap the fast-paced world of New Doll City for reading bedtime stories and charting teenagers to school.

Chloe stands up defiantly. “Alright, I’ll move to Aquifolia! But we definitely need to find a new house!”

Steven is shocked. This wasn’t part of the plan! “What?! What’s wrong with this house?”

“I work in fashion, darling. I need room for all my shoes!”


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