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Christmas Goodies!

I’m sorry this post is so late, I’ve had such terrible sunburn that I could hardly move since Wednesday. It’s got a few more months until it’s fully healed, but at least I can walk (and photograph) for now! Okay -where to start? This is a little photo story I’ve put together, to celebrate the arrival of two very important characters that have been missing from Aquifolia for far too long.


It’s nighttime, Christmas day, and Barbie’s Christmas party is in full swing.

image“You’ve been watching way too many Christmas movies.” Grace comments. “Stacie and Chelsea aren’t going to magically appear. They said they wanted to stay in California, so they’re staying in California. You-”




“Rookie!” Stacie shouts, running after the little golden puppy.image

“What… What are you doing here?” Barbie asks, bewildered, scooping up the dog.

“Mum’s getting annoyed of us complaining.” Stacie explained. “She says ‘if you really miss Skipper and Barbie that much, I’ll buy you a plane ticket and you can go over there to see them for the holidays.'”


Here are the (current) Roberts children all together, expect for Kirsten, but there’s not a doll of her.


This is Stacie inside her box. Excuse the lighting and terrible photo quality, I couldn’t get down to the floor like I usually would.image

Agh, this one is terribly blury. The packaging is cute, but a bit half-hearted. I wish I could be the one to design the packaging, or even the doll itself. That would be a dream come true! (It actually used to be the career I wanted to have, until I realised that was a bit unrealistic)image

We can see little paw prints in the plastic along the side. What a cute touch! I wish I had enough room and money to buy two of everything and keep one in the box.image

This is how she sits down. Not very well, but it’ll do.image

A (very poor quality) close up of her dog, Rookie. image

Stacie shows off all the poses she can do. Star jump!imageimage

Her outfit is cute, it’s exactly the same as the one in the movie, which is great.


Except for the bracelet, but that’d get lost anyway.


A close-up of her face. I wish her freckles would come back! I read somewhere that Stacie sometimes has braces, does anybody know any more information about that?


Such detail on the shoes!image

The shorts are very cute, and would go well with lots of other outfits. image

Her body is great. I’m so glad it looks like a real 12 year olds! image

This is how far she can sit up. As you can see, it’s not very far.image

Here is Chelsea in her box. She’s part of the new budget dress-up series.image

Her hair may look nice from the front, but from the back it’s a mess! (go look at the photostory and you’ll see I boil straightened it)image

The skirt pattern goes all the way around. Again, sorry for the bad quality.image

Her shoes are very different compared to the old Kelly shoes. They’re cute, but the older ones are much more stable. These barely cover the heel!image

This is what she looks like sitting.image

Chelsea shows off a backbend.image

Sisters unite! The crown is super plastic-y but it sits well.image

I also received these four beauties, second-hand, obvi. Can anybody ID any of the dolls, or the dress that the second is wearng? I haven’t named them yet, and if I do I’ll probably just forget. I recognise the second one -I think I might have her already, or used to own her in the past. image

“Help me! Help me!” Ah, look. It’s the The Look Gold Dress 2014. I named her Steffie because obvi. She only released here a few months ago, and only at one store. It’s lucky I grabbed her in time! She was $60AUD -that’s 43.65 USD, 29.25 British pound and 39.76 Euro. If anybody wants any more currencies, just let me know. image

*happy sigh*image

I’ve never seen feet like it! image

Gahhh… My first-ever collector doll!image

Look! A certificate and everything! I was afraid I’d broken the earrings but they slip right in and out. I’ve read so many complaints about the purse but eh. I’m glad to have it.image

Is this… Is this how it works? The stand doesn’t clip onto anything, she just stands up against the plastic? Erm, okay…image

Ah, yes, a very realistic body! jk, jk, I know it’s a collectors doll! I like to think of them as mannequins.

imageI was so surprised to see a little clasp (like the 2009 Day 2 Night Fashion Magazine doll) instead of velcro. image

Nail polish! There’s toe polish, too.image

Merry (very late) Christmas and Happy New Year!

UPDATE: In this post, the Puppy Adventure Stacie doll is refereed to as ‘Stacie,’ however since writing this I have purchased a different Stacie doll, from Puppy Chase. Since purchasing my new Puppy Chase Stacie, the Puppy Adventure Stacie doll featured in this post is called ‘Brittany.’

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