It Starts with a Cartwheel // The Cheer Diaries (Chapter 4)

Hi everyone! I’m back with another instalment of The Cheer Diaries! If this is your first time here, make sure to go to the ‘photostories’ section (in the header) so you can read from the beginning! This story is about Barbie and her friends dealing with real-life subjects, such as friends, school, and of course, cheerleading!

Anyway, let’s get on with the next chapter!

It’s Wednesday morning, and Aimee and I have the first lesson of the day together. It’s English, which is totally not my favourite lesson of the day. On the positive side, at least I’m with my best friend, right? Not many people are lucky enough to sit with their friends in class.

“Alright, everybody,” Mr Steven walks up and down the aisle to make sure everyone is ready to start the lesson. “Quiet down. Let’s begin. Take out your workbooks and we’ll get started on Chapter 31.”

I rummage around in my bag to find my workbook and pencil case. My workbook is easy to find, but I must have left my pencils at home. What a bother!

“Aimee, can you pass me a pencil?”

Aimee looks up at me curiously from across the desk. “Didn’t you bring your own?” She’s already gotten her book set up, nicely ruled and ready to go.

“I must have forgotten it. Can I borrow one from you?”

Aimee rolls her eyes. “Barbie, you’ve got to be more organised! What if I wasn’t here?”

“Well, it’s a good thing you are here then!” I grin at Aimee, but she’s not impressed. She gets a pencil from her bag anyway.

As she hands it to me, I can’t help but notice the pretty bracelet she’s wearing. “Ooh, how cute!” I pick up the bracelet to take a closer look. It’s bright blue, like the ocean.

“Thanks, Neko got it for me,” Aimee explains. “Last night.”

Now it’s my turn to look at Aimee in surprise! “Last night? Weren’t you studying?” I can’t help but wonder if it was Aimee who I saw in the crowd last night. Perhaps she even got the bracelet from the same stall I did!

“Oh, yeah, I popped out for a little bit with Neko, Kayla and Danika. There was this really cute market on down at Malibu Beach! You should have come!”

I smile at Aimee, but I can’t help but feel enraged. “Maybe next time.” I try to stay composed, but inside, I’m seething. How dare my friends hang out without me! And after they said they were all busy!

The next lesson of the day is chemistry, and I can’t help but get distracted. Why didn’t my friends invite me out with them? Don’t they want to hang out with me anymore?

At lunch time, Danika and Neko head to the library, so it’s just Aimee, Kayla and I at the Caf. We’re arrived earlier than the other students, so there’s still lots of options to choose from. “Wow, everything looks so good!” I say, scanning the selection of sandwiches and salads available. “What should I get?”

Kayla rolls her eyes. “Whatever you want, Barbie.”

“Alright.” I turn to the girl behind the counter. She’s a freshman, one of my sister’s friends. “I’ll get a lettuce and cheese sandwich, please.”

“Do you want a drink with that?”

“What kind of juices do you have?”

“Orange or apple.”

“Okay. I’ll have apple juice, please.”

We pay and sit down at the table. Aimee and Kayla have gotten sandwiches as well, and we eat in silence. It feels weird with half the group missing!

Halfway through lunch, I remember the necklaces in my purse! The lady running the stall said that they would help improve our friendship, so I was excited to see whether it would work. “Girls, I’ve brought you something,” I say, pulling out the necklaces onto the table. “They’re friendship necklaces.”

“How cool!” Kayla says, picking up one and admiring the green stone.

“Thanks so much, Barbie!” Aimee says. “I’ve got a royal ball coming up soon -I can totally wear this!”

Everyone puts on their necklaces, and I put the rest in my purse to give to Neko and Danika later on. “The lady at the stall said that emeralds represent everlasting friendship and strength,” I explain. “With these, we can survive anything!”

Aimee looks at me curiously. “But, Barbie -these aren’t real emeralds! They’re just green.”

“Oh yeah.” I have to admit, I didn’t think about that! Did I get scammed? “Well, it doesn’t matter. They look nice regardless.”

“Besides, we don’t need necklaces to stay friends!” Kayla says. “We’ll be friends anyway. Right?”

“Right!” Aimee agrees enthusiastically, but I stay silent. It’s easy for them to say! They all went to the beach together!


That afternoon, Skipper and I walk home from school together. “You know, I found a skateboard a few days ago, when I was walking home from school. Right on the road!

“Really?” Skipper looks at me with interest. “What did you do with it?”

“I’m going to give it to my friend, Kayla,” I explain. “Maybe on the weekend. It’ll be a surprise!”

“That’s nice of you.” Skipper says. “I wish my friend would give me a skateboard!”

I can’t help but laugh. Skipper doesn’t even know how to ride a skateboard! “So, what did you do at school today?”

“Oh! My friend Allegra and I are trying out for the new cheerleading squad. We were practising together at lunch time.”

“Hey, that sounds fun. When are the tryouts?” I’ve never done cheerleading before, but it looks like a good workout. With my gymnastics and dance skills, I’m sure I wouldn’t be too bad!

“Next month. I really want to get in, but I’m not sure I’m good enough. I can’t even do a cartwheel!”

“Don’t worry, Skipper, I’ll help you! I’ll show you tonight.”

“Really?” Skipper looks excited. “Thanks, Barbie!”

As soon as we get home, Skipper and I rush out to the backyard. “See, Skip, watch me,” I say. “You just run up, throw your hands in the air and toss yourself over!”

Skipper looks at me, confused. “Um, yeah. See I’m having a problem with the whole ‘toss yourself over’ part…”

I laugh. Skipper will never be a cheerleader with that attitude! “Let me show you.” I run over to the other side of the yard and cartwheel a few times around the grass.

I have to admit -I haven’t done cartwheeling in awhile! I’m a bit dizzy. “Now you try.”

“Alright.” Skipper walks out to the grass, runs up and… Falls on her face in the dirt! “Ow! I’ll never be good at this.”

“Skipper, just try again. Remember to space out your hands, don’t keep them so close together on the ground -it’ll give you enough strength to hold the rest of your body up.”

So Skipper tries again. And again. And again. It isn’t long before the sun starts to set, and Skipper still hasn’t even managed one cartwheel!

Oh dear. It appears this will be harder than I thought.


I finally got around to designing a cover for this series! I think it looks pretty great -both pieces took me 1/2 hour on a free editing software, which isn’t too bad!



Fonts are the Architect’s Daughter and Bebas Neue (not sure if I spelt that right, but both are very popular fonts so you should be able to find them easily!)

I also designed a back cover, just for fun.


I hope to write stories about the other members of the cheer squad. In Mattel’s Annual Report, they said that children are “growing up faster” and toys have a shorter shelf life nowadays, but if you look at the number of #Dollstagram accounts owned by 9-15 year olds, it seems there is a huge market of preteen / early teen Barbie fans! That’s why I wanted to write this series -I want to write something fun and relatable with characters that fans can recognise from other Barbie media.

Anyway, I’ll see you soon! PACE! ♡

xx Holcee

6 thoughts on “It Starts with a Cartwheel // The Cheer Diaries (Chapter 4)

  1. This truly is an amazing idea, Holly! It reminds me of the Barbie Diaries. If only Mattel would do something similar!

    I think you’re doing a pretty good job when it comes to the relatable-ness factor. I’m going to be a sophomore next school year! That’s kinda a scary thought, because the drama will probably double what it was last year. I just try to stay out of it. It’s probably best to do it that way,

    The selection in particular reminds me of my seventh grade year. I had a pretty well established group of friends, but drama ensued between the girls. Like, this one girl named Taylor didn’t invite one of her very best friends to some sleepover, and the friend got really upset I knew the girl very well, as we’d both gone to the school (which we both currently attend) for a very long time. Since kindergarten, for me. So, her name was MyKayla (trust me, that’s how you actually spell it-pronounced like Michaela), and I had to comfort her after she didn’t receive an invite. It was all bad, let’s just leave it at that!

    Anyway, this little chapter about Barbie not being invited to hang with friends by the beach reminds me of the story I just told. I’m sure there is a market for stories like this, because, as you mentioned, people collect Barbie dolls when they’re teens. Mattel just has to recognize it. Some pre-teen series would be really cool!


    1. Ugh, that’s so rude! Are you still friends with Taylor? I would never purposely leave anybody out, that must have been rough for MyKayla. I find that Mattel always portrays Barbie as somebody with an amazing life, but I wanted to write about girls being a bit mean to each other, because I think that’s more realistic! I think it would be cool if, hypothetically there was a real novel series by Mattel, and they discussed real issues that real girls actually face -things like being left out, and finding new friends, stuff like that.

      My sophomore year was probably the most dramatic out of all my years at high school, although junior year was pretty drama-filled as well. Best of luck in the new school year! (It probably doesn’t start for a few more weeks though haha)


      1. Taylor actually moved that school year, and I haven’t actually spoken to her since. I think the issue of the matter was that her dad and stepmom told her she could only invite two friends, and she invited two new friends she’d made, and left out MyKayla. It was all horrible! I think they made amends, which is great, obviously.

        Barbie doesn’t seem to have any real drama going on, you’re right. The only time I can think of was in the Barbie Diaries. You’re one-hundred percent right…girls will face drama and get left. That is something that really hurts, and Mattel should realize that.

        Yeah, I don’t actually begin my sophomore year until August 27th, so I got a while. : )

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice part!
    I agree, kids are “growing up faster” now. I think it is because of school – a couple of people think that dolls and all are for “little kids” and then everyone stops playing with them because they don’t want to be “strange” or the odd one out. I think that is why I stopped playing with dolls a lot when I started school. But now that I am homeschooled and am a Girl Guide, I play with baby dolls and Barbie a lot and I don’t care what other people will think.


    1. Yes definitely! You are exactly right! I always thought it would be nice to be homeschooled, haha, you can do whatever you want and nobody will bother you about it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Being homeschooled is nice; we don’t have to stick to a strict scheduled, the only person the bother you is parents and sibilings; but mine are very nice 🙂 I feel so bad for the children in public schools

        Liked by 1 person

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