Janessa Saves The Day // Barbie and her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

It’s day two of Barbie and her sister’s holiday at the ski resort, and Barbie and her younger sister Skipper have finally hit the slopes!

It’s Skipper’s first time skiing, and Barbie is trying to teach her.

“Try to stand with your feet a bit closer together,” Barbie suggests. “They should be shoulder length apart.”

“Oof!” Skipper falls over, right into the cold snow.

Barbie can’t believe that Skipper managed to fall over without taking a single step forward. “Oh no! Are you alright?”

Another skier joins them on that side of the mountain. “Looks like you could use some more practise!” she says cheerfully.

Skipper isn’t impressed.

“I’m Janessa,” she says. “I noticed you on the chair lift. You’re staying at the ski resort, right?”

Barbie nods. This girl seems a bit odd, but she’s nice enough.

“Me too! Maybe we’ll see each other around some time.”

Janessa turns to Skipper. “Let’s see if I can help you… Point your toes inward, making your skis into a triangle… That’s it! Try to keep your weight evenly distributed.”

It doesn’t take long for Skipper to get the hang of it!

“Look at me, Barbie!” Skipper cries. “I did it! Somebody, take a video for my vlog!”


4 thoughts on “Janessa Saves The Day // Barbie and her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

  1. What a great part three! It’s always nice to see new characters! Janessa is one of the new Fashionistas , isn’t she? Although I think she’s actually from 2017? I can’t remember. (Honestly, I haven’t bought any new Barbie merchandise since 2016.)

    Also, is your Barbie one of the older Fashinistas from around 2013? Or it might’ve been 2014, I’m not sure. Because I have an older Raquelle Fashionista which I got off Amazon,and the promotional image on her box showed a doll that looked really similar to yours. My Raquelle doll came in a silver dress and has matching streaks in her hair. The image on the box showed a doll that was wearing a pink dress, which I believe had a shoulder strap. I’m not 100% sure if your doll was wearing a similar outfit or not.


    1. Yes, she’s the 2017 Lovin’ Leopard curvy Fashionista. I didn’t plan on buying her, but I’m glad I did. 🙂 My Barbie is a Fashionista 2012 Rainbow Wave 1, and you’re right, she did come with the pink dress. Your Raquelle sounds like she’s from from the 2013 Rainbow Wave 2 line.

      I wrote a post about the Fashionistas earlier which you can use to compare pictures.

      I’m thinking of replacing Barbie with a different doll. Her dark makeup makes her look a bit “dressed up.”


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