Meet Neko // Neko vs Planet Fashion

Hi everyone! It’s me, Holly! I’m super-excited because today I am launching my BRAND-NEW series! Aquifolia High is gone, and I’m moving onto bigger and more fashionable things! 

I know what you’re thinking -what’s happening to all those loose ends in Aquifolia High? Well, I’m gutting it all. We’re pretending it’s finished and done. I want to start something NEW! I want fleshed out characters, shorter storylines and cuter outfits.


The first mini-series will star my favourite doll, Neko. Before we begin, I wanted to do a ‘get to know me’ post, to explain the main characters.

This is Neko. She’s a fashion blogger, and aspiring photographer. She’s very creative, and loves to write. She’s also a bit of a perfectionist…

“C’mon, Aimee!” Neko cries. “You can’t stay still for just a moment longer? I’ve almost got the perfect shot, I promise!”

Aimee rolls her eyes. “I’ve been sitting here for ages!”

Aimee -or, more technically, Princess Aimee- is Neko’s girlfriend. They’ve been together for awhile now, and are almost always seen hanging out.

Aimee might be a princess, but she prefers to wear casual clothes and hang outside with her friends. She isn’t fond of her royal duties and likes to avoid them wherever possible!

When Aimee graduates high school, she wants to be a scientist and conduct research in outer space!

Neko’s little sister Delia is with them, too.

More than anything else, Neko loves hanging out with people. She gets bored if she’s by herself!

At school, Neko and Aimee are quite popular, but Neko really doesn’t let it get to her head. She prefers to just lay low and let her best friend Barbie do all the talking!

And well, that’s Neko!

Are you excited for the first installment of the new, high-colour mini series? I know I sure am!

Oh –if you’re after the specifications, Neko is a Barbie Style Glam Night doll. I made another post on her before, when I first opened up the box. You can check that out here

9 thoughts on “Meet Neko // Neko vs Planet Fashion

  1. Wonderful! I really want a Neko! Do you think she might be in the op shop tomorrow? I doubt it… but anything is possible.


      1. It turns out I didn’t. But I came out of the shop with thirteen barbies in my bag. There were two vintage, and some more recent ones, including a Butterfly Barbie, Butterfly/Fairy princess barbie, and ten others.


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