Chelsea’s Christmas Wish // Photostory

It’s Saturday afternoon and Chelsea has invited her best friend Tamika over to her house to hang out.

Problem is, Tamika isn’t very interested in what Chelsea has to say!

Chelsea’s older sister Barbie walks into the dining room. “Hey, Chelsea. What’s going on? Why’s it so quiet in here?”

Barbie looks over at Tamika, who is absorbed in a game on her mobile phone.

Barbie knows just the thing to get the girls talking and playing together – a game of Snap! It’s Chelsea’s absolute favourite.

“Let’s play, Tamika!” Chelsea says. “I’ll set up the cards.”

Tamika looks over at the cards for a moment before shaking her head. “Nah. I’m busy right now. You can play by yourself.”

Chelsea shrugs and plays the game by herself, while Tamika turns back towards her phone. Barbie is dumbfounded. Tamika is only six years old! Why doesn’t she want to play?


A few hours later, after Tamika has gone home, Chelsea and her other sisters, Stacie and Skipper, meet up in the living room.

“I’ve decided what I want for Christmas!” Chelsea announces to nobody in particular.  “A mobile phone! Just like Tamika’s.”

Stacie isn’t impressed. “Chelsea, you’re only six years old! That’s too young to have a phone. Besides, they’re too expensive. Barbie will never buy one for you!”

“I think it’s a great idea.” Skipper says. “For safety reasons! What if Chelsea gets lots somewhere and can’t ring for help? She’ll be lost forever!”

“Yeah!” Chelsea is glad that Skipper is on her side. “For safety reasons! Of course!”

“Don’t be silly,” Stacie says. “Why would you go anywhere by yourself to begin with? You can’t get lost if there’s somebody else with you!”

Chelsea sticks her tongue out at Stacie. “Well, good thing it’s not up to you then! I’m going to ask Barbie tomorrow. I bet she’ll say yes.”

Stacie rolls her eyes. She can’t believe this!


9 thoughts on “Chelsea’s Christmas Wish // Photostory

  1. More and more six year olds are becoming like this, unfortunately. And all ages over that. I mean, phones can be very useful but only to some extent. Then they suck too muh time away.

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    1. Yeah, definitely! It’s funny when I walk past a playground and see all the children (some are probably only three years old!) using their phones. It’s funny how there’s such a huge divide between older Gen Z (like you and I) and the younger ones.

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      1. Yeah! I wonder when will happen in the future… will the first thing a baby is taught is how to play video games? I mean, they’re fun and great pass times but nowadays it often goes out of hand (I admit some Sundays I can be on my phone for even 10 hours).

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  2. Great story that makes an excellent point. I’m dumbfounded by the way young people and even children are glued to phones. And I’m happy you once again have some time for photo stories! I know how time consuming they are to set up and photograph. Two in a row! Woohoo!

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    1. There’s another two coming up as well! And I want to start on more today. I feel inspired! I like the house as well, but I’m not really happy with the window or the door. I think I will add some cardboard around the sides of the window to make it look more 3D and less “somebody stuck a picture to a wall.” Haha 🙂


  3. Honestly, I feel little kids are becoming more and more addicted to electronics. I hate it when I go walking downtown near the park and all the kids have their eyes glued to their phones instead of spending time talking with one another. I think parents really need to monitor what their kids are doing online, because you never know what kinds of inappropriate ads could pop up unexpectedly.

    The problem is, kids are getting their first cell phones much younger than they should be. A six or seven year old should always be with a trusted adult. The adult should be the one to arrange playdates for the kids. Parents may say their kid’s phone is for safety reasons, but in reality I think most of the children end up glued to video games.

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    1. Exactly! I think it would be better to give children an iPad that stays at home -that way they can play games and watch videos, but at least it can be monitored by an adult and they can have time restrictions.

      Like Wendy said, I think a good age is high school, because then they can use it for Google Maps and looking at the train timetable and such. I got my first phone at 17 and before that, it was a bit annoying when I got lost somewhere!

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