Jessica’s Doll Diaries -Introduction and FAQ


“Hello everyone! My name is Jessica. Welcome to my new photostory series!”

“I’m a a professional model for Ello Models Inc.”

“Let me introduce you to everyone! They’re right over here…”

“This is Aimee. We live in the same flat together.”

“Aimee’s super-smart! Her favourite subjects are maths and science. She’s even been to outer space!”

“And this is Neko! Neko is Aimee’s girlfriend. She lives here as well!”

“Neko’s the photographer for our modelling agency. She loves fashion and even has her own fashion blog!”

“And this is another one of the models, Nikki! Nikki’s just moved to Aquifolia, but she’s already settling in. Right, Nikki?”


“Nikki doesn’t live with us, but since we all work together, she’s here all the time!”

“And this is our manager, Chloe! She’s also a magazine editor. And well, that’s everyone! I hope to see you around!”

FAQ (okay, nobody actually asked these -but I hope they will clear things up!)

What the heck is this?

Jessica’s Doll Diaries is my latest photostory series! In the past, I have been creating mini-photostories about one specific doll (compared to previously when I was creating a big soap opera about everybody) because I wanted the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the characters. I wanted to flesh my stories out a bit more, basically!

While I feel I have made some progress by creating the mini-series, I really want to solidify the characters so nobody has to ask themselves “alright, what is going on? Who is this? What is happening?” all the time. I want to really focus on these specific characters only, sitcom style! With some special guests, of course 😉

Who are the characters again? I forgot.

Our main character is Jessica! Hence the name. This story will also follow her co-workers, Nikki (brown hair), Aimee (red hair), Neko (black hair) and Chloe (blonde hair).

Where can I follow these stories?

You can follow them on my blog by going to the ‘photostory’ section (in the header). Alternatively, you can follow my Instagram @JessicasDollDiaries.

What happened to your old Instagram?

I’ll still be posting on @AdventuresInBarbieCollecting which will be for general, doll-related things! @JessicasDollDiaries will simply be for photostories. I wanted to seperate them so I wouldn’t lose followers on my regular doll account. #thevaintruth

Will you still be posting other things on your blog? 


I’m really excited for this new project! The last time I tried to post photostories on my Instagram they got barely any likes and I lost some followers. I am hoping my new account will do better lol! Please follow me @JessicasDollDiaries haha.



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