Hangin’ Out At the Mall (photostory)

A few weeks ago, I toyed with the idea of starting a modelling agency. With my dolls being the stars, of course! I ended up scrapping the idea, but here are some headshots I liked:

I think Neko would make a perfect model, she photographs beautifully every time.

Drew would make an excellent model as well -she has this unique look about her, where it seems she is almost staring right into you, daring you to question her.

…And then there’s Aria. She’s undoubtedly pretty, but she has a sort of childish look about her, staring hopefully at me wit her big grin and wide eyes.

Oh! I’m not sure if you remember my little rant about not being super into Barbies anymore? Anyway, I have a huge pile of Barbie stuff that is waiting to be sold. Hopefully I can make some nice cash, although it’s hardly what I paid for everything… 😦 RIP my wallet.


Anyway, onto the photostory…

Aimee, our budding space scientist, is giving Neko a tour of the spaceship she works on.

“…This is basically the main control centre,” Aimee explains. “If we ever run into trouble, we can just disconnect the rest of the ship and control everything from here. Neat, huh?”

“Aimee, wait just a second…” Neko pulls something out of her bag.

Neko pulls out a blue tiara for Aimee. “Look what I bought you! Isn’t it cute? Because you’re a space princess.”

“Oh, wow! That’s so lovely! Thanks so much!”

Aimee tries on the tiara. “It’s perfect! You’re the best!”

“Aw, look at them,” Grace observes from the controls. “So cute. Why doesn’t your girlfriend ever stop by here, Zapp? I never see her giving you presents like that!”

Zapp huffs. “Because Danika knows I have work to do! This isn’t a place for chatting and making goo-ga faces at each other, it’s for working!”

Grace raises her eyebrows. “Wow… Sorry I asked.”


The next day, Emily invites Aria to the mall after school.

“Hey, Aria, do you want to go to Berry Blast after school? It’s this new smoothie place they’ve just opened, apparently it’s really good.”

“I’d love to!” Aria replies. “I have to check with my mum first.”

“Hi, Mum, can I go to the mall with Emily this afternoon? …No, Emily is not a boy! …Her name is literally Emily! …I promise, she’s not a boy! ….Yes, okay …. Okay. I will. Bye.”

Aria turns back to Emily. “Okay. She says it’s alright, but my older sister Edeline has to come as well. Is that good?”

Emily shrugs. “Sure.”

It doesn’t take long to arrive to the mall. “Hi Kayla! Can I have one Apple Crunch and one Spinach + Kale, please?”

Kayla keys the information into the register. “No problem! Anything for you?”

“I’ll have The Whirlpool, please.” Edeline turns to face Aria. “And since Mum made me come here for you, you’re paying.”

It doesn’t take long for Edeline to leave them. “See you later, losers! Don’t tell Mum I left you, or else she’ll have a fit. Bye!”

Danika and Zapp are visiting Berry Blast, too. Danika is amazed at the cute decor!

“Omigosh Kayla!” Danika cries, upon seeing her best friend at the counter. “I didn’t know you worked here!”

Zapp stands to the side while the two girls catch up, but it doesn’t take long for his patience to wear thin.

“Danika, can we talk? Outside?” Without waiting for a response, Zapp glides Danika out the door.

“Danika, I thought we were going to the mall today to hang out! Just us two! I hate standing there while you chat with your friend the whole time.”

Danika is offended. “C’mon, Zapp. It’s not a big deal. It’s not like we’re on a fancy date or anything. It’s just the mall!”

“The other day, Neko came in to visit Aimee at the space station. They went on a tour together, and then Neko pulled out this fancy tiara!”

“…You want a tiara?” Danika isn’t quite sure where this is going.

“No! I want to do romantic stuff together! Like that. I feel like we don’t do anything together. You’ve only been to the space station once, it feels like Neko is there all the time!”

“Oh.” Danika isn’t quite sure what to think. She’s never been in a relationship before -unless you count her relationship with her new gaming PC, which is about as committed as she gets. She’s not one for sappy stuff, either. “Okay. I’ll try to be more ..Like Neko. Romantic, and er, stuff.”


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