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Off To the Mall! (photostory) Feat. Happy Family Toy Store

This photostory isn’t part of my regular ‘Aquifolia High’ series, it’s just a little thing I put together to showcase my Happy Family shopping playset.

It’s busy in the mall today -it seems like the whole town is there!

Barbie, Stacie and Chelsea are in the toy shop. Chelsea’s birthday is coming up soon, and Barbie says she can pick out her own present this year.

Chelsea loves to ride in the trolley.

Midge is at the toy shop, too!

Chelsea can’t decide what she wants. A new bear, perhaps? But, oh, she already has so many of those!

Chelsea spots the All Around Home Kitchen playset. Ah-ha!

Sidenote: This is a real playset they actually produced. Neat, huh?

Chelsea takes it off the shelf.

Meanwhile, Barbie chats with her friends Midge and Kayla.

Here’s the playset without dolls in the way. It’s part of the Happy Family line. There used to be backing behind the shelves, but I lost them 😦

The playset is literally a mini replica of the real one.

Next, the sisters head to Barbie’s favourite boutique. She is looking for a dress for her school formal. “Can I try this one on?” Skipper’s friend, Chris, is working today.

“Sure!” She says.

“Stacie? Is that you?” Stacie turns around. It’s Brittany, from her school.

Barbie goes off to try on the dress.

“Are you shopping with your sisters? I would be so embarrassed to do that!” Brittany says. “You’re so brave!” Stacie laughs weakly.

“Hey… Is that Barbie? What’s she doing?” Everyone turns around to look.

“Ooh, this one is brilliant!” Barbie is seemingly unaware that the entire shop is looking at her prance around. “I’ll take it!”

Because I literally never photograph her, here’s a photo of the ‘manikin.’

It’s time to head home. It’s getting late, so the carpark is nearly empty.

Stacie and Barbie load up the car.

It’s Chelsea’s friend, Tamika! “Hi, Chelsea!” Tamika cries from the car over.

“Will Tamika be attending Chelsea’s party?” Barbie asks. Grace never replied to the RSVP.

“Oh, yes.” Grace replies. “Sorry I didn’t answer -Tamika flushed the invitation down the toilet!” They laugh.

The girls chat before it’s time to go home.

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