Pizza Party (Photostory)


Since Neko has moved into her new house, Grace, Barbie and Imogen were left one roommate down. Imogen suggested her old roommate Kayla, and Barbie, being her old friend, quickly agreed.


Kayla feels a bit awkward, with Grace staring at her from across the table. She just got back from a cheerleading competition yesterday.


To celebrate Kayla’s arrival, Barbie is having two of her best friends over -Neko and Teresa- and cooking them all a big meal. Neko is telling Barbie all about Erika and her plans for the school formal.


Suddenly, Teresa arrives, late as usual. Kayla feels a bit better now, as she knows Teresa well.


After accidentally touching her chicken*, Barbie realizes hat it is stone cold! She forgot to turn the oven on! She is horrified. All of these people over, and nothing to feed them!


After assessing the situation, Kayla quickly picks up the phone and calls for a pizza delivery.


The night is saved! Everyone is happy and getting along now.

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