Barbie’s Job Offer // Jessica’s Doll Diaries

Barbie and Neko are hanging out at Berry Blast, the local smoothie shop…

“So, Neko!” Barbie says. “I heard you got your high school results yesterday – how did you go? Did you get into university?”

“Well, yes, I did!” Neko says. “But I actually want to be a photographer instead… The problem is that I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to make enough money. It’ll be much safer to just go to college.”

They sit down to drink their smoothies.

“Well, why didn’t you say something earlier?” Barbie cries. “I didn’t know you were looking for a job! You should come work for me! I do lots of photoshoots, and I need a good photographer.”

“Wow, really?” Neko can’t believe it! Barbie is a famous supermodel, and working for her will surely mean she will get lots of big contracts in the future.

“Of course!” Barbie continues. “Neko, you’re one of my best friends! If you want to be a photographer, then of course I will help you!”



3 thoughts on “Barbie’s Job Offer // Jessica’s Doll Diaries

  1. Hi Holly! I haven’t been very active at commenting on your blog recently but here I am!
    I have been reading it, though, and I think this photo story ROCKS! ❤
    I also saw something quite interesting at Myer recently! Do you remember the Barbie doll with travel accessories? There was also a Daisy doll version. I've been seeing them at Target for a while, but the price was quite high. I have, however, seen the Barbie version at Myer for only $20 (introductory price, later $30)! I almost bought it, the doll and accessories looked pretty good in the shop (imo). SO I though you might like to know (if you haven't seen it already). 🙂

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    1. Ooh thankyou! I haven’t seen Daisy IRL yet, so I will definitely go have a look! (I barely ever go to Myer because it’s too expensive haha)

      I quite like the travel accessories because it’s something we don’t see very often -much better than a pet or doctor playset or something like that!

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