Barbie and Aimee Go Horse-Riding // Photostory

Hey everyone! I haven’t done a photostory in awhile, so I thought I would post a quick one today. ~

Barbie is with her horse Tawny out in the paddock. It’s a beautiful Spring day, and she’s ready to ride!

Princess Aimee is here, too.

Up she gets!

“Which trail shall we ride?” Barbie asks.

“Let’s go up the mountain!” suggests Aimee.


Away they go!


Sidenote: How is it November 30th already? I always roll my eyes whenever anybody chirps up with “this month has gone by so quickly!” because obviously time always goes by at the same speed, but damn, November really has gone by in the blink of an eye.



7 thoughts on “Barbie and Aimee Go Horse-Riding // Photostory

  1. Lovely photographs, Holly! What version of Tawny is that? I think Mattel has made multiple versions of her over the years, but I can’t recall what set or year your version is from. Is it the 2007 version? For some reason, the year 2007 seemed right to me, but I might be wrong.

    Also, you are so right about November flying past us! It seemed to pass so quickly! It’s kinda hard to believe 2018 is almost over!

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    1. It’s the 2008 version! But the 2007 version used the same horse model (from what I can tell), so they look almost the same. It’s funny that almost all Barbie horses have been the palomino kind -I think it would be nicer if they released a different colour each year. “Collect ’em all!” and all that.


  2. Too cute!! Makes me want to get a Barbie horse >_< I also can't believe we're so close to Christmas already I feel like I have no time to do things..

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    1. Haha, whenever I see pictures of horses I want more! (Even though I had five at one point, and never used them…) I just wish they weren’t so bulky! Makes them difficult to store.


  3. This is amazing! I really should do photo stories; probably during the summer holidays! I’ll start making stop motions again, too.
    Yes, this month has! And, THIS WHOLE YEAR TOO! I don’t think it has ever felt this fast before…! I really can’t wait till tomorrow… I was going to save it for a blog post (actually tomorrow’s blogmas) but I. Can’t. Control. Myself! My family found a Barbie Advent calendar with a doll, clothes and accessories!!!! Agghh!!! I’ll have more information tomorrow 🤪

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    1. Ooh I was looking at a Barbie Advent calendar on Amazon! Is this the one with the different careers? I really wanted the 2017 version, with the ice-skating costume.

      I recently watched a new episode of Keeping Up with the Van Burens, a Barbie stop-motion series, and it really made me want to try out stop motion! Let me know how you go!

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      1. This one has five careers but I don’t think ice skater… though I remember seeing that one! The one I have is from 2017 too, somehow. I’ve just taken photos of her, I’ll put them in todays Blogmas post 🙂
        Oh I’ll have to check it out! I don’t really have time to watch YouTube (mostly because I watch TikTok too much) but I can always find the time.
        I would recommend use StopMotion Studio app if you want to make stop motions. It has a lot of features and most are for free. I’ve tried some others and they weren’t as good for me, though they mught work better for you.
        I haven’t done any Barbie ones yet but I did one of a roll of wallpaper rolling out (yes, very weird. I don’t even know why I bought it….) although I’m hoping to get more done soon (probably after Christmas I’ll do lots)

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