Skipper’s Music Battle (photostory)

It’s halfway through Skipper’s music lesson when the class is interrupted by the arrival of a new student. Skipper frowns as she watches the girl walk in. She needs as much practise as she can get for their upcoming performance, and the new girl’s arrival isn’t helping!

“Uh, is this music class? Sorry I’m late. I got lost.”

“Are you in the wrong class?” Skipper asks sweetly. “This class is for sophomores.”

Now it’s the girls turn to frown. “You don’t look like a sophomore.”

Skipper beams. “I was bumped up. The freshman class is next door. I can show you, if you like.” Skipper is impatient to get on with practising.

“No need. I was bumped up, too.” The girl smiles and takes a seat next to the keyboard. “I’m Taylah. What are we working on?”


At the end of the day, Skipper complains to Barbie about Taylah.


“She’s so annoying! She thinks everything should be done her way! And Chris just keeps agreeing with her!”

“Well, it is a group performance, Skip. You have to at least pretend to get along.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rings. It must be Chris; Skipper invited her over to practise after school.

“Hi, Skipper!” Chris says.

“Hi, Skipper!” Taylah chimes. “Hi, Skipper’s sister!”

“I hope you don’t mind that I invited Taylah over as well,” Chris explains. “I thought there was no point in rehearsing unless we were all here, right?”

Everyone takes a seat on the couch and they run through the song. “Hmm…” Taylah says, once they have finished. “Chris, you were good, but Skipper… You were a little slow.”

Skipper explodes. “Slow?! I wasn’t slow! I was playing at exactly the right time! Maybe it’s you that’s going too fast!” Taylah doesn’t say anything, so Skipper continues. “You know what, get out! I don’t know why Chris even invited you. It’s my house!”

“Fine.” Taylah snaps.

Taylah leaves.

Chris gets up. “I guess I should go, too.” She says.

“You can stay-” Skipper begins.

“No.” Chris quickly cuts her off. “I have to go. My Dad doesn’t like it when I stay out late, and it’s almost dark.”

“You were kind of slow, you know.” Chris adds. Skipper doesn’t say anything.

Once everybody has left, Barbie joins Skipper on the couch. “What’s going on, Skipper? You’re usually not like this. Are you jealous of Taylah?”

Skipper turns away. “Me? Jealous of Taylah? No way. I don’t know why they bumped her up, she’s terrible!”

Skipper goes up to the patio. It’s dark, but not cold. She starts to play the song -over and over again. Maybe Chris and Taylah were right after all. Skipper keeps playing until she’s sure she’s doing it perfectly. Then she goes to bed.


The next morning, Tori introduces the music class to the assembly.


The girls begin to play. They sound good -much better than in class the day before.

The crowd cheers as the song finishes.

Barbie grins at Skipper. She heard her practising on the patio last night.

“You were really good!” Taylah says to Skipper. Skipper knows she means it.

“You too!” Skipper smiles as she looks out at the audience once again.

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