Call Me, Beep Me if Ya Wanna Reach Me (photostory)

Before I started this photostory I took a few pictures of the girls’ outfits because I thought they were cute af.

Here is Danika wearing cute printed fabric shorts with a crop top.

Here is Barbie wearing my lovely 2009 Fashionista Artsy dress.

And here is Aimee wearing some more modern pieces -a shirt from the Football Fashion Pack, and the skirt from the Aztec Chic Fashion Pack. The jacket isn’t quite as new, it’s from Barbie Cali Girl (2007-ish).

And here they are together in their cute summer outfits!

Anyway, it’s a regular morning at school and Danika, Barbie and Aimee are chatting in the hallway before class begins.

“And I was like, no way! And she just started screaming -give it to me, give it to me! So I grabbed the shoes and threw them over her head!”

“Uh, sorry to interrupt…”

Everyone turns around to see Zapp, Danika’s ex-boyfriend. Danika rolls her eyes. “I so don’t want to talk to you, Zapp! Just leave me alone.”

“Actually,” Zapp says. “I wanted to talk to Aimee. In private, if that’s okay.”

Aimee hesitates for a moment before following Zapp around the corner.

“What’s going on?” asks Aimee, a bit confused.

“It’s about the space station, don’t worry.” Zapp says, and Aimee instantly relaxes. “You know the new research spaceship they’re launching soon? Cloudship #508?”

“Yeah…” Aimee isn’t quite sure what Cloudship #508 has to do with her. She’s only a trainee onboard the delivery ship Cloudship #507, so there’s not much research that involves her.

“Well,” Zapp continues. “I’ve been speaking to Andrew and she agrees you should be part of the launch team. It’d be just you, Andrew and I.”

Aimee is amazed. “Wow! That’s amazing! But what about my training? Can I continue?”

“Yes, of course.” Zapp says. “It’s not a permanent position, but it’ll look good on your resume, I’ll bet.”

Back outside, Barbie and Danika are still chatting.

“There’s no way I’m going to pass this exam on Thursday,” Barbie complains. “I feel like we haven’t learnt anything this year!”

Mr Steven can’t help but hear their conversation and takes it upon himself to join in. “Well, Miss Roberts, perhaps if you actually paid attention in class then you wouldn’t be having this problem!”

Barbie rolls her eyes. “Yeah, right. Mr Steven always likes to blame it on us! If he was a better teacher then we’d all get better marks!” She pauses for a moment. “Oh, do you want to meet up at the Berry Blast this afternoon? We can study for the exam.”

“Sure.” Danika replies. She hasn’t hung out with Barbie much lately, and is grateful for the invitation.


It’s four-thirty, and Danika is waiting for Barbie at Berry Blast after school. She’s been taking her time, so Danika has gone ahead and ordered herself an Apple Crunch smoothie.

“Wow, you look lonely.” Danika looks up and is surprised to see her old friend Emily staring down at her. “Do you mind if I sit down?”

Danika nods. “Sure. I’m just waiting for Barbie.”

“I didn’t see you at school today.” Danika comments.

“Yeah,” Emily sighs a little. “I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m feeling a bit …lost.”

“What do you mean?” Danika asks.

“Well, Ryan’s a musician, right? So he’s always talking about what he’s going to do after high school, you know, play music and stuff. But I’ve just realised -I don’t know what I want to do after school! I feel like I don’t have any talents or anything.”

“Come on, Emily, you’re seventeen!” Danika laughs a little. “You don’t need to think about that kind of stuff right now. Besides -you’re intelligent, you’re hard-working, you’re friendly. Surely those are talents, right?”

Now it’s Emily’s turn to laugh. “I suppose so!” She doesn’t quite believe Danika -who ever said that ‘being nice’ was a talent! Still, it’s comforting to hear all the same.

“Hey, we should start hanging out again,” Danika says. “Call me, okay?”

Emily nods. “Sure.”

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