Chloe’s Holiday // All Aboard!

After her stress-induced heart attack last week (and a few hints from her staff, the doctor and also her mother), Chloe has decided to go on holiday!

She decides to stop by Aimee and Neko’s apartment to tell them that she’ll be taking some time off work soon. Also, she’s more than a little excited about her trip and wants to share it with somebody.

Aimee has just returned from work at the space station and is deep in conversation with Neko. Neko works as a photographer for Chloe.

“Hello, Neko! Hello, Aimee!” Chloe bursts into their apartment without bothering to knock.

“Uh… Hi?” Neko is quite confused to see her boss at her house. “What… What are you doing here?”

Chloe makes herself comfortable on the couch. She would never usually do such a thing, but who cares anymore? She’s going on holiday!

Chloe tells Neko and Aimee about her vacation plans. She wants to go on a cruise ship and tour around the Pacific Ocean. How relaxing! How peaceful!

“See, this here is the website…” Chloe explains. “It’s going to be so wonderful! Fresh air, open skies… Lovely!”

“How nice!” Aimee tries to be polite, but she’s still a bit confused why her girlfriend’s boss is visiting them. She decides to lock the front door from now on.

Anyhoo!” Chloe suddenly leaps off the couch and eyeballs the door. “I have to go pack now! I’ll see you back at work in a couple of weeks, Neko, right?”

“Right! See you then.”

Once Chloe has left, Aimee raises her eyebrows at Neko. “That was weird. Your boss is a bit crazy.”


Hi! I feel like things are a bit “disjointed” at the moment and I’m not super happy with the way All Aboard (this series) is progressing. I feel like I have been jumping from scene to scene without properly introducing the characters and everything is just all over the place. Still, I will keep going and try to write some more tomorrow if I have time. Hopefully I can make it work! ~

Also, I’ve started thinking about how I’d like my blog to change in 2019. Do you think I should wait until I have completely finished a photostory and then post it all at once? (one chapter every second day, with larger gaps in-between the seperate storylines) Or should I just publish them whenever I finish the next instalment? (sporadic posts whenever I get the chance, like I do now)

My concern is that, with sporadic posts, it might come off as a bit confusing because there’s so much time in-between. But I’m not sure!


3 thoughts on “Chloe’s Holiday // All Aboard!

  1. This is really love this part! It’s very creative.
    I think it might be better to post things once you’ve written a lot of it, but that’s just my opinion. Then you could revise new details and could be easier. I don’t really mind – if you find it easier to write a bit whenever you have a moment, I’ll be fine with that.


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