The Delivery Girl // Neko vs Planet Fashion

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Anyway, it’s a new day and Neko has just arrived for her second day of her internship at Fashion Planet. 

“Hi everyone!” Neko smiles, trying to be cheerful. “The weather sure is nice today! What photoshoot will we be doing today?”

Janessa, the editor’s assistant and feature writer, hesitates for a moment. “Um, Neko. You won’t be taking any photos today. I think it’d be best if we …go back to basics. Start with something easier.”

Neko is confused. “But what do you mean? Didn’t you like my photos from yesterday?”

Chloe sighs. She’s sick of Janessa avoiding the subject. “Your photos from yesterday? They were trash, Neko. We’re looking for a professional photographer here, not just some girl with a lot of followers of Instagram.”

Neko can’t believe what she’s hearing. “I’m… I’m only in high school.”

“I don’t mean to be harsh.” Chloe takes a deep breath. “Look -I need a drink. Can you go to Berry Blast and pick me up a large Apple Crunch? It’s just around the corner.”

“Er, sure.”

Just as Neko is about to leave, she is stopped by Janessa. “Your photos weren’t trash. They just need some work. Like I said before, you’re good. Chloe can be a little crude sometimes.”

Neko nods. “Thanks, Janessa. You’re the best.” She’s thankful that at least somebody around here believes in her!


Neko heads off to Berry Blast.

“Hi there! What can I get for you today?”

“Can I get a large Apple Crunch please?”

“No worries! That’ll be $7 please. Just wait over there and I’ll call you when it’s ready.”

Neko takes a seat. Since she has a moment to spare, she decides to call her girlfriend Aimee.

Aimee picks up the phone immediately. “Oh my gosh, Neko! How is your internship going? Do they love your pictures or what!”

“Er, not exactly.” Neko tries her hardest not to cry. “I did a street photoshoot yesterday and today the editor told me they were trash! She actually said the word ‘trash!’ So now I’m on Berry Blast duty. It’s like I’m a delivery girl!”

“What?” Aimee is shocked. “That’s terrible! Look, no matter what, you have to stay optimistic! Show them what you can do, and prove that editor wrong!”

“Large Apple Crunch?” the cashier calls out. Neko gets up to collect the drink for Chloe.

“Look, I’ll have to call you tonight.” Neko says hurriedly. “I’ve got to go.”

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