An Unexpected Twist // Ello Models Inc, All Aboard

Today’s episode is the finale of Ello Models Inc., and it is also the first episode of my brand-new series, All Aboard! I would have preferred to have a defined ‘this is the end’ and ‘this is the start,’ but they kind of continue along with each other and I feel that this episode is a nice “bridge” between the two.


Chloe, the manager of Ello Models Inc., has arranged to meet her two remaining models, Jessica and Nikki, in the office.

“Hello girls! I’m sure you’re both aware that Drew’s employment with us has been terminated.”

Both girls nod in unison. Drew’s ‘termination’ was the headline of the year!

“So I thought this would be a good time to answer any questions you may have! Go ahead, girls.”

Nikki speaks up first. “Well, I was wondering whether we were going to get a replacement for Drew. It’s a bit weird to run a modelling agency with only two models!”

Chloe nods in agreement. “You’re exactly right, Nikki! I’m going to hold an open casting next week. It’s very exciting, I’m sure we’ll find a new model-”

Suddenly, Chloe stops speaking. Her eyes grow wide and she clutches her chest in agony. Oh my God, she thinks. I’m going to die. I’m going to die in my office! How tragic!

Nikki and Jessica gasp as they watch their boss fall to the floor, unable to breathe. “OH MY GOD!” screams Nikki. “SHE’S DEAD!”

“Call the ambulance!” instructs Jessica.

“I can’t believe it! How did this happen? Chloe’s DEAD!” Nikki has never faced such an emergency before.

“Where’s the phone? Call the ambulance. I’ll check her pulse.” Unlike Nikki, Jessica is trained for these type of events.

“She’s still breathing,” Jessica says. “She’s not dead!”

“I can’t believe my boss is dead!” Nikki cries, turning away. “She died right in front of us!”

Jessica rolls her eyes at Nikki. “I told you, she’s not dead! She’s breathing and everything! Don’t be dramatic. Just call the ambulance, will you? I think she’s had a heart attack.”


Hello everyone and thanks for reading! I’ll release the next episode tomorrow, so you won’t be in suspense for much longer!

Yesterday I watched the first episode of Keeping Up with the Van Burens. It actually released back in October, but I didn’t get a spare moment to watch until now.

Here’s the episode if you haven’t watched yet: (contains lots of swearing and mature content)


Anyway, it really inspired me to continue making photostories. One of the things I really admire about the MPGIS world is that all the characters are really diverse and interesting -that’s one thing that I want to work on in the future. I feel that most of my characters are quite bland. I’m excited for this new series, I think it’s going to be one of the best so far!

Also, to clarify -Chloe is definitely alive still! Nikki was just being dramatic.


5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Twist // Ello Models Inc, All Aboard

  1. Oooohhhh!!! I can’t wait till tomorrow; this feels more exciting than opening thte next window of my advent calendar.
    Also, you have inspired me to make my own photo story! Yay! I’ve made up a Christmas-themed one, so I’ll post it in a blogmas post soon 🙂


      1. Sory to say… I haven’t actually gotten to posting it yet 😦 Or even photographing it get. But the weekend starts tomorrow, so I’ll mark it as 1. on my to-do list!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness! For a second there I thought Chloe had actually died! Hopefully she’ll be recovering in the next post! It’ll also be interesting to see who replaces Drew!

    Anyway, this is a little off-topic but in regards to what you said the other day about kids getting their first cell phones, I completely agree. I technically got my first phone before going into eighth grade, but it was just a simple flip-phone without Internet connection. It allowed me to be able to contact people if I needed to, however.

    This year, I was given my first smartphone. Obviously this was the right time, as I’m a sophomore now and am almost sixteen. My phone can connect to the Internet, but my dad and I are those weird people who don’t have Wi-Fi, so I can’t actually use the Internet on it while at home. I don’t really mind, however, as I can still text and make calls, of course, so it serves it’s purpose.


    1. Ah how exciting! I didn’t have Wi-Fi for ages either, but it was still fun to use the notes and the calendar and all that. I remember when my cousins came over and they asked me what games I had on my phone. I said “none, I can’t download any!” I remember they were so confused! Haha.


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