The Day is Saved // All Aboard!

Once everyone has realised that they are, in fact, not going to die lost at sea, things start to calm down around the cruise ship.


Emily, Chloe and Chris are chatting like normal. “I’m going to have so much work to do when I get back on land,” Chloe says. “This holiday was nice, but I’ve got to find a new model for my agency!’


Chloe suddenly has an idea… “Hey, Chris, are you interested in becoming a model? You’ve got such a great look!”


Chris is flattered. “Oh, wow! Thank you Chloe! But… I’ve never done any modelling before.”


“It’s alright!” Chloe says with a laugh. “I’ve never been the boss of a modelling agency before, either! I’ll call you when I’m back in the office; I’m sure we will work well together.”


Suddenly, Emily spots something in the distance… “Hmm.. What’s that?”


The object gets closer and closer… It’s a rescue ship! “Yay, we’re saved!” Chris cries.

“They were probably wondering what we were doing sitting out here all this time!” Chloe laughs.


I couldn’t be bothered to Photoshop the water in the background this time. Thank goodness this the last episode at sea, that’s all I can say!

Also, a note to other bloggers: I mentioned in my previous post that Google Photos is a nice alternative to Flickr if you’re not happy with the recent changes. I’ve recently discovered that if you link your photos from Google Photos, they will only stay for two days, and then the photos won’t show up in your blog posts anymore. (This is a bit weird, isn’t it?)

Anyway, since Picasa has also gone down the toilet (RIP), Flickr is unusable after you’ve uploaded 1000 photos and Google Photos doesn’t link for long enough, what’s left? The only image-uploading service I can think of is Imgur, so I’ll test that out and report back. For now, I’m going to upload my photos directly to WordPress (goodbye all my very-limited storage space…) and hopefully we can find something better in the future!

UPDATE: Yeah, definitely go with Imgur -you can upload a direct link which means everything looks nice in your posts.

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