Exam Time (photostory)

The Cloud Junior Space Team have been in training for two weeks now, in the place of their schoolwork. Exams are over and Aimee is mucking about on the simulation flight controller.

Learning to pilot a spacecraft was Aimee’s favourite part of the training -even if it wasn’t exactly real.

Their trainer walks into the room. “You’ll be pleased to know that I have finalised your exam results. I was very impressed with you all, you’ve made some great progress.”

Emily is happy with her results.

“What did you get?” she asks.

“Ninety per-cent, of course!” Drew replies. Emily is just a teeny bit jealous.

“How did you do?” Neko asks. They are on their way out of the building for the last time.

Aimee sighs. “I got a C. I know that’s a good grade, and people work their butts off to earn a C. But is it ungrateful to wish I got higher? I just… This whole space thing, it’s something I’m really passionate about. I worked really hard these last two weeks.”

“Aimee, it’s fine to be upset, you shouldn’t feel guilty, because you’re right, you worked damn hard for this! Harder than any of us! Harder than Drew, that’s for sure.”

Aimee smiles. “Thanks, Neko.”


It’s no secret that Andrew is frustrated. Her entire Senior Crew just bailed on their trip to deliver supplies to the higher-ups onboard Cloudship #506. One of them got sick with a virus and infected all the others at the very last minute.

“We can’t just take the Juniors!” Andrew is distraught. “They’ve only just completed their basic training! They haven’t even done the physical training yet! Not to mention, are you aware they’re in high school?” Andrew’s supervisor doesn’t care. Cloudship #506 needs their supplies, and fast.

“Trust me, they’ll be fine! They have you. What could possibly go wrong?”

Andrew rolls her eyes, even though she knows her supervisor can’t see. “Fine.” She hangs up.

The next day, Andrew gathers the Junior crew back aboard the spaceship to explain what will be happening. “It’s only a one or two day trip.” she explains. “We’ll land directly on top of Cloudship #506 and someone will go bring down the supplies.”

“So we’re just …delivery girls?”

“Don’t test me, Emily. You’re not qualified for this, so be grateful.”

“That’s not what I meant-” Emily is embarrassed she even said anything.

“Don’t worry, Andrew,” Aimee says confidently. “We can do this.”

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