Exposed! // All Aboard

Chloe couldn’t help but overhear the conversation going on between Ryan and Chris.


“Wait a second… Did you say that you stole this cruise ship? You’re not the captain after all!” Chloe is horrified. And rightly so! “What happened to the real captain? You didn’t kill them, did you?”


“No! Of course I didn’t kill them! They just… didn’t show up!”


Chloe goes into crisis mode. “Oh my God… We’re gonna die! We’re stuck in the middle of the ocean!”


“This cruise was supposed to be relaxing! And now I’m gonna have another heart attack!”


“Just take deep breaths,” instructs Nerada, another passenger on the cruise ship. “You’ll be okay! You’re not having a heart attack. Does anybody have a phone? We should call for help.”


“Ah, yes! A phone!” Chloe can’t believe she didn’t think of this herself. “I have one of those!”


Ring, ring, ring…


“Nobody is answering! The coverage must be terrible out here. Who knows where we are! It could be anywhere!”


“Look!” Chris cries out. “We’re not lost -we barely left the marina! I can see my house from here! Ryan -you really don’t know how to drive this, do you? You hardly even moved the ship!”


Chloe immediately calms down when she sees the marina. So they’re not going to die after all! Thank goodness for Ryan’s bad sailing!



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