Santa’s Toy Workshop // Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

Barbie and her sisters have finally arrived in New Doll City! They have arranged to meet Janessa in the main community centre, where they will be volunteering for the next few days.

“So, this is it!” Janessa says, leading the sisters into the room. The community centre is buzzing with activity. With only a few days to go until Christmas, everyone is working hard on preparing the games and presents for the children.

“Wow!” Barbie cannot believe her eyes. “It’s just like Santa’s workshop in here! Look at all the toys! Oh, look at all the decorations!”

It’s no secret that Barbie Roberts loves Christmas.

“There’s even a reindeer decoration! How cute!”

While Barbie gawks at the reindeer, Janessa turns to Skipper and Stacie. “Stacie, you’ll be on wrapping duty with Barbie. Skipper, you’ll be looking after the children.”

Skipper raises her eyebrows. “Excuse me, what? I thought we were just …organising activities and stuff?”

Janessa smiles. “A lot of parents still have to work at this time of year, so they drop off their children here. Childcare is so expensive nowadays -so we do it for free!”

Begrudgingly, Skipper goes over to the children’s play area. A girl around her age is already there.

“Hi!” The girl says brightly. “I’m Stephanie. You must be Skipper -I’ve heard about you. You’re Barbie’s sister, the world famous supermodel!”

Stephanie is impressed with all of Skipper’s gadgets. “WOW! Is that the Galaxy Star 17 Headphones? And the latest Blue Sky Mobile?”

“Oh, um, yeah.” Skipper says. “I got them last week. I had to line up outside the store for ages.”

“Hey, you’re pretty good at that,” Skipper says, noticing how Stephanie is taking care of lots of children at once.

“Oh, this is nothing! I look after the children in my apartment every day. Sometimes I have to watch five or six babies at a time!”

Skipper is impressed.

Over at the wrapping station, Stacie is not very happy with her new task. “Man, wrapping duty blows!” she complains. “Can’t we go back to the ski resort?”

“C’mon, Stacie, lighten up!” Barbie says. “We’re here to volunteer. To help others! Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?”

Stacie disagrees. To her, Christmas is about eating lots of food and opening lots of presents!

7 thoughts on “Santa’s Toy Workshop // Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

  1. Cool! I’ve been wondering about this next part! Oh, and I really like Skipper’s outfit-isn’t that the one from the 2016 Puppy Chase doll?

    I know this might sound a tad bit crazy, but the other day I was thinking about exactly how long Dreamhouse Adventures will run. I read somewhere until 2019, but that’s shorter than basically any other Barbie series we’ve had, as they usually last around two years, I think. So I was thinking about Mattel’s ultimate plan for Barbie-we know we’ve got that live action movie releasing in 2020, and now Dreamhouse Adventures.

    So I’m wondering what Mattel will replace Dreamhouse Adventures with. I know that sounds really crazy, especially since it’s brand-new, but we all know Mattel doesn’t usually make a concerted effort to keep things canon. They stopped both Live and Life in the Dreamhouse with no real official statement, and it looks as if they’ve stopped production of Dreamtopia (I’ve noticed a sudden disappearance of new episodes every Sunday, plus the section dedicated to Dreamtopia on their YouTube page has been slightly diminished.)

    But anyway, I do realize I’m thinking way too far ahead, but the thought just entered my mind that Dreamhouse Adventures is apparently only scheduled for one year. In the future, it will be interesting to see if Mattel will ever feature Midge or Christie again.


    1. Oh that’s interesting, there’s so much Dreamtopia merchandise that I didn’t realise they would cancel it so soon. I also wonder what’s coming next; I think they will probably extend Dreamhouse Adventure past 2019, depending how well it does. I’d love more mini-serieses later on, featuring more characters, like you said.

      Yes, that’s the 2016 Puppy Chase outfit. I have the doll, too, but I don’t use her very often.


      1. Yeah, the last Dreamtopia episode came out about a month ago. I’m not sure if it’s just on break or if they’ve cancelled it. The most logical explanation is probably that they’re just finished working on season one and are now working on season two.

        I finally figured out who voices Barbie in the vlogs! It’s the same person who voices her in Dreamhouse Adventures. Her name is listed as being America Young on the show’s credits. I’m fine with it, but it’s a little strange considering Erica Lindbeck just voiced Barbie in Dolphin Magic.

        Barbie’s sisters also all have new voice actresses, and this I’m not as okay with. If I remember correctly, Kazumi Evans voiced Skipper, Claire Corlett voiced Stacie, and Ciana Swales voiced Chelsea. Their new voices are fine, I guess, but it seems odd Mattel would bring in new people so randomly like that. It makes more sense to have America Young voice Barbie, as she sounds so similar to the voice in the vlogs which makes me believe it’s the same person. But to suddenly change Barbie’s sisters’ voices? I don’t know; it just seems strange to me. I guess I’m gonna have to get used to Skipper’s, Stacie’s, and Chelsea’s new voice actresses.

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      2. Yeah, it’s super weird! I used to be more knowledgable about voice artists (like, I would research the actors and I could recognise their voices straight away), but nowadays I don’t bother as much. There’s just so much media out there, all using different voice actors, that is just gets confusing!


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