Skipper’s Cellphone Addiction?! // Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

It’s the second day of the Roberts sister’s trip to New Doll City. Skipper is supposed to be helping watch over the children at the community centre, but she’s not doing a very good job…

“…Skipper? What are you doing?”

“Hold on,” Skipper says, gritting her teeth. “Let me finish this level first. Almost there… Yes! I won!”

Stephanie can’t help but roll her eyes. “Skipper, can’t you at least try to play with the children? You’re not here to play games on your phone.”

Stephanie has been volunteering at the community centre for years, and is irritated by Skipper’s nonchalant attitude.

Skipper looks at Stephanie for a moment, not sure whether she should argue with her or not. Eventually, she sighs and puts down her phone.

“Hey there, little girl,” Skipper says. “You wanna watch this video? It’s really good, I promise.”

The toddler isn’t very happy with the tiny screen shoved in her face, and begins to cry.

“Oh, see! This is hopeless! Children hate me. I’m getting out of here!”

Stephanie gets up too. “Skipper, wait!”

It doesn’t take Skipper long to work out where she wants to go -Berry Blast!

As a New Doll City local, it doesn’t take Stephanie long to track down Skipper. She spots her in the crowd up ahead and immediately works out where she’s going.

There she is!

“Skipper, why’dya run off like that?” Stephanie asks. “You can’t sit and play with a toddler for just one minute?”

“Because I’m not like you!” Skipper says. “I’m terrible at babysitting! Just ask Chelsea. Meanwhile you’re a natural -everyone loves being around you!”

Stephanie smiles. “Skipper, I’ve been looking after kids my whole life! My parents work late nights, so I always had to look after my sister, and then the kids next door would come over too, and then the kids next door to them… Around here, nobody can afford proper child-care.”

Skipper is saddened by this. “Oh. I didn’t know…” She imagines Stephanie taking care of a group of children, all by herself. Skipper certainly couldn’t manage all that!

“Anyway,” Stephanie brightens. “That’s why I’m so glad to be volunteering at the community centre. The centre helped me out when I was little, so now I want to give back.” She pauses for a minute. “Are you coming back?”

Skipper thinks for a moment, and then nods. “Okay! I’ll come back.”


2 thoughts on “Skipper’s Cellphone Addiction?! // Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

  1. This was a really great part, Holly!

    I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better! Missing three days of school was not what I wanted to happen at all, of course, but if there’s a positive in this situation I guess it would be that I’ll have all weekend to complete missed work. I just hope I didn’t miss a ton of tests!

    Thankfully, summer break is not far away…it’s actually only three weeks away! This whole school year has flown by. It’s heard to believe it’s May already!


    1. I am going on break soon too! Four or five weeks away for me, but still, it’s so close! I’m looking forward to writing posts and filming videos -and sleeping in! 😂


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