A New Neighbour // Jessica’s Doll Diaries

A new photostory! Huzzah! Today, let’s return to Jessica’s house to see how things are going…


Aimee is busy tapping away on the computer.

From across the room, she can hear Jessica sliding around on the chair.


Suddenly, Aimee looks up, confused.

“Jessica… What on Earth are you doing?”


Jessica is busy looking out the window with a pair of binoculars. Where did she get the binoculars from? Nobody knows…


“I’m spying on the new neighbours, duh! A moving van just pulled up!”


“Right.” Aimee nods and takes a sip of her drink. “Got it.”

Jessica can be a little crazy sometimes.


Aimee’s girlfriend, Neko, walks in the door. “Hey babe! Hey Jessica!”


She immediately stops when she sees Jessica. “Jessica… What are you doing?”


“I’m spying on the new neighbours! Why are you all so confused about it? I’m just trying to see who is moving in!”


“Oh my God… They just got out of the car! Our new neighbour is …RYAN!”

Jessica cannot believe her luck! Jessica has a big fat crush on Ryan. She can’t believe she’ll get to see him every single day!

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