Guess Who’s Back, Back Again // All Aboard

Back over in Aquifolia, Aimee and Neko are organising the casting call. They are trying to find a new model for Ello Models Inc. before Chloe gets back from her holiday.

Aimee is drafting the post they will put on social media.

“I think we should hold it in the office,” Aimee suggests. “That way we don’t have to hire a venue.”

Suddenly, Chloe bursts through Neko and Aimee’s apartment door. “Hello girls! I’m back! What are you up to?”

“Hello Chloe! I didn’t realise you would be back so soon! We’re just organising the casting call.

“Oh, you don’t need to worry about that anymore!” Chloe smiles. “While I was on my cruise, I found the ideal model -she lives right here in Aquifolia too!”

“There was some …problems on the cruise ship, so I decided to come home early,” Chloe explains. “I’ll tell you all about it later!”

“Well, I’m glad you’re home!” Neko says. “It might have only been one day, but things sure were quieter without you!”


And that marks the official end of All Aboard! Details of my next project will be in tomorrow’s post -I’m awfully excited! I haven’t planned all the details yet as it’s a bit different to my recent photostories, but I hope it’ll work out the way I want.

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