Aimee’s Worst Day Ever // Jessica’s Doll Diaries

It’s Tuesday evening, and Jessica’s roommate, Aimee, has just returned from school.

Aimee walks through the apartment loudly and throws her bag on the table. “Ugh! I just had the worst day ever!” 

Jessica looks up from the email she is typing. “Why? What happened?”

“My science teacher announced that we have a physics test tomorrow!”

“Yeah, so? Isn’t that what you do at school? Get tested on things?” Jessica isn’t sure what the problem is.

“She says that this one test will be 100% of our grade! That’s so unfair!”

Aimee collapses on their couch. “So if I fail this test, then I fail science for the entire year! And if I fail science, then I won’t get into college, and then I’ll never become a proper astronaut and what am I supposed to do then? I’ll be forced to become a boring housewife!”

Jessica looks over at Aimee and laughs. “Aimee, I know you’ll pass this test! Don’t worry! Just try your hardest and you can achieve anything!”

Aimee isn’t so sure about that! Jessica just doesn’t understand.


Also, I got a new camera! Can you tell? I’ll really, really happy with the way this turned out. I have all the parts of this photostory ready to go so hopefully they will be released nice and quickly.

7 thoughts on “Aimee’s Worst Day Ever // Jessica’s Doll Diaries

  1. Wow, what a start!
    I’m just wondering about something – in the second sentence, it says that Jessica walked through the apartment – although I believe you might have meant this to be Aimee? If it is a typo, don’t worry – you’re only human. I’ve made loads of these mistakes too. Once I changed a characters name half way through and it stuck – hopefully the readers figured out that Laura and Maria are the same person 🙂


    1. Hahaha I didn’t even realise! How embarrassing, thanks for letting me know! I change character’s names all the time I must admit. Usually it’s because I’ve forgotten the name I gave them in the beginning.


    1. Okay, it’s not technically a proper camera, it’s just the iPhone XR haha. I use portrait mode and then edit the colours. I used to use the Canon Powershot SX730HS but I find my phone easier since I can just AirDrop them to my computer instead of going through the hassle of importing them “the long way.”

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      1. I use my phone as well but it’s an older iPhone. I gave up with my camera – it’s too difficult to get it into the right position for these small scenes. I think your photos look great!

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  2. The pictures look amazing! Your new camera must make photography a little bit easier, maybe? Or I guess the camera could just be more advanced and therefore take higher quality photos? I guess I’m making it painfully obvious I have no experience with photography! Lol!


    1. Ah thanks! I’m happy with the way this turned out. This camera blurs the background so it focuses more on the subject, which is really cool! You can do it in editing apps but there’s a setting that does it automatically which is more convenient.


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