Midge Runs Into Chloe // Just Add Chloe

► Midge Runs Into Chloe // Part 10 of the ‘Just Add Chloe’ series

It’s a cold winter’s morning and Midge is taking her daughter Nikki for a walk.

Nikki is only one year old.

She’s wrapped in a blanket to protect her from the cold wind.

As she walks along the path, Midge notices her neighbour, Chloe.

Chloe is with her boyfriend’s daughter, Tamika. Chloe is helping six-year-old Tamika balance along the fence.

“Chloe! Good morning!”

Chloe turns around to face Midge. “Ah! Hello, Midge! Nice to see you.”

“It’s very windy out today!” Midge says. “Tamika, why are you wearing shorts? Aren’t your legs cold?”

“No!” Tamika exclaims. “Chloe kept telling me to put on pants, but I said NO! Pants are for LOSERS.”

Chloe rolls her eyes.

“Don’t worry,” Midge says. “Nikki didn’t want to put on pants either! She just loves wearing her pink dress. Children can be so funny sometimes! I’m sure you’ll be a great stepmom.”

Chloe is taken aback. “Ah, well, Steven and I aren’t exactly married yet… We haven’t even talked about it!”

“But you’ll be getting married soon, won’t you?” Midge suggests. “After all, you’ve been living together for quite a while now!”

“Well, uh, yes. I guess so.”

To be perfectly honest, Chloe hasn’t even thought about marrying Steven! She might be ready to take Tamika for a walk every now and again, but is she really ready to be her stepmom? 

“Anyway! I must go. Andrea and I are heading to the Day Spa this afternoon. See you at the barbecue tomorrow!”

“See you then! Bye, Midge! Bye, Nikki!”

11 thoughts on “Midge Runs Into Chloe // Just Add Chloe

  1. Hey Holly! Glad to see you’ve posted today! As always, I’m totally amazed at your photography skills! Oh, and, I’ve probably told you before but I really, really love the Happy Family! Mattel should maybe do a line featuring Barbie and her friends as teenagers and then as married women with children. Midge could have her three original children, and Alan as her husband. I guess they’d have to come up with kids for her other friends.

    Just something random, but I’ve been pretty busy this week. Since Monday, I’ve been taking Driver’s Ed., and let’s just say I’m not exactly loving it. I go every morning to one of the public high school gyms, where I take classes from eight to two. What’s rough is that I have to go until this Friday, when I take a 100 question test. I’m a little nervous. But what’s even worse is that I don’t know a soul there, since I go to a very small private school, not one of the public schools. Oh well. At least it’s over after Friday.

    I don’t know about rules in Australia, but I’m guessing that since you’re nineteen you already have your license? Or if not, you’re going to be getting it soon, right?


    1. Haha lol NOPE, I am still studying for the driving test. It’s so expensive (several hundred dollars to take the test) so I don’t want to fail and waste all that money. I don’t want to buy a car anyway, I won’t have anywhere to park it, but it’d nice to be allowed to drive eventually.

      We didn’t have Drivers Ed at my school but that sounds ROUGH. Try to look up the list of road rules and memorise as many as you can! I wouldn’t worry about not knowing anybody -it’s only until Friday, after all.

      I really like Happy Family as well, a modern version would be so lit. I’d buy them all up! I think “family storylines” would be really popular.


  2. Love your stories, Holly. Sorry I’ve fallen away, doing some of my own creative work 😉 Yes, step-mom is a big step for our Miss Chloe. Take your time!!


    1. Ah, thanks! I was meant to have another photostory up soon but by the time I remembered, it was already dark so the lighting would’t be very good. Ah, the struggles.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhh, great photo story, Holly! Being a step-mum would be a big step for city-life Chloe… I LOVE CLIFF-HANGERS!!


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