Barbie Saves The Day (photostory)

Continuing straight on from the last photostory, where Neko has organised a playdate with Chelsea for her sister, Delia.

Barbie squats down on the picnic blanket to talk to Chelsea. “I’m sorry to say, but it’s time we leave now. The girls will be wondering where we are!”

Chelsea and Barbie drive home. “Can we come back, Barbie?” Chelsea asks. “Delia is really nice. I liked the dog, too.”

“That was Imogen’s dog,” Barbie reminded Chelsea. “Not Delia’s.”

“Yeah, I know.” Chelsea replied.

Back home, Skipper and Stacie are making a music video. “Alright, Skipper! Action!” Stacie shouts, turning on the camera.

What are the chances, that we’d be here today? Different girls from different worlds, try’na find our own way…” 

Suddenly Barbie bursts into the room and Skipper turns off the camera, annoyed. Barbie doesn’t seem to notice. “Oh! You’re making a music video! How sweet! Do you want me to help? I’ve got some equipment down in the basement, I bet-”

Skipper rolls her eyes. “No, Barbie.”

“Are you sure? You know, I was a professional director once.”

“Nobody cares, Barbie.” Skipper gets up and leaves the room. “Not everything is always about you!”

Barbie is about to chase after her when the doorbell rings. It’s Zapp!

“Barbie, you have to help me,” He says. “I really want to win Danika back. I’m so sorry for cheating on her.”

“Okay, you need to tell Danika why you’re really, really sorry.” Barbie says. “How about I invite her over now, and you can tell her everything?” Zapp agrees.

Danika arrives quickly, and is disgruntled when she sees Zapp.

Barbie tells Danika to tell Zapp how she feels. “I felt really betrayed,” Danika explains. “Especially because you made that big declaration of love for me, just before. I felt really silly, because it was a year ten. Why would you cheat on somebody younger than me?”

Now it is Zapp’s turn to talk. “Danika, I’m so sorry I made you feel that way. I’m dreadfully apologetic, and I promise it’ll never, ever happen again. I really want you back. I miss you.”

Danika is floored by Zapp’s apology. Barbie is surprised, because she thought it was a bit pathetic.

They kiss, and all is well again.

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