Going Offline (Photostory)

Emily is disgruntled to discover that Anonymous Panda Imogen has not stopped posting things about her since their confrontation. She decides to go ahead and ask Barbie what she knows.


“Surely not?” Barbie gasps, after Emily explains everything. “Imogen wouldn’t do that! She can act a little tough sometimes, but she’s not full-on mean…”

“It’s her.” Emily confirms. “I was hoping maybe you could talk to her.” Barbie nods.


Barbie goes to find Imogen immediately, who denies everything. “As if I have time for that.” She says. “It’s so childish.”


Barbie comes and finds Emily at lunch to tell her what Imogen said. Emily is surprised that Barbie would go that far for her; they barely know each other!


“You have to dob on her now.” Caterina says. “You want this to stop, don’t you?” Emily isn’t so sure. She doesn’t want to make Imogen mad at her. But then again, she doesn’t want to get any more unpopular. Eventually, Emily agrees and emails the school.


It’s time for lessons. Halfway through, the assistant principal comes in and asks to talk to Imogen. Emily’s mouth goes dry. Has she made a mistake?


On her way home, Barbie drives past Emily. “Want a lift? I think we need to talk.” Emily agrees.


“I don’t know what made Imogen write those things.” Barbie says.”I promise; she’s not normally like this. I wouldn’t be friends with her if she was.” Emily isn’t so sure. How could somebody go from ‘normal’ to ‘villain’ so quickly?


Since Imogen’s house is right next door, Barbie drops Emily off and goes to visit Imogen. “Can I come in?” Barbie asks.

“Sure.” Imogen says. She doesn’t know if Barbie believes that she didn’t write the articles. She hopes she doesn’t.


“I know you went to the principal’s office today.” Barbie says. Imogen’s face falls. So she knows. “You’re one of my closest friends. I don’t understand why you would do that…”

“I didn’t mean to upset anyone.” Imogen says. Barbie is confused. “I was just so mad about everything. About being rubbish at everything, about never having a best friend, about always coming second-best… Emily was an easy target. Hurting her made me feel better.”


Barbie is silent for a moment. In all honesty, she is quite horrified, but knows she still has to be nice to Imogen. They are friends, after all. “What are you going to do? Did you confess?”

Now it’s Imogen’s turn to look horrified. “Of course not. But I won’t write anything else about Emily, or anyone.”

“If you’re not going to confess, because you don’t want to be punished -and that’s fair enough, you should at least apologise to Emily. She’s even more unpopular than when she first started, her high school life is ruined.”

Imogen rolls her eyes. Surely Barbie is just being dramatic. Nonetheless, she invites Emily over.


Before Imogen can speak, Emily starts to talk. “I didn’t want to get you into trouble.” Emily says. “I’m not normally a dobber. But you don’t understand; those articles were ruining my life. Everyone was talking about me -even more than before!” There’s silence. Imogen never really considered that. “So, yeah. I’m sorry for telling on you.”

“I’m sorry for starting it.” Imogen says. For once, she’s actually starting to feel guilty. She decides to go ahead and tell Emily everything.


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