Think of these posts of ‘featured articles.’ Here, I talk about the history of Barbie and friends, share my advice for other Barbie collectors and other things. Get reading! xx


Doll Collector Things

Getting Started as a Doll Collector

Saving Money as a Doll Collector

Improving Your Doll Photography

How to Clean Barbie Dollhouses

How to Store Your Doll Shoes

How to Fix Tangled Doll Hair

How To Makeover a Plastic Barbie House

6 Easy Ways to Refurbish Your Dollhouse On a Budget

Why You Don’t Need the Latest Products

Getting Involved in the Barbie Fandom

Can Collectors Be Minimalists? What I Learnt From Reducing My Doll Collection

Decluttering My Collection Even Further! Shoes, Accessories and Fashion

Decluttering My Collection Again! Playsets, Dolls and Houses

Can Barbie Save Mattel From Losing Billions? Probably Not -Here’s Why.

Some Interesting Statements from the 2017 Mattel Annual Review


Doll Collector Things -Social Media

Starting a Doll Collector Blog

How to Be Successful on Dollstagram (Doll Instagram)

Three Popular Barbie Social Media Accounts

Three MORE Popular Barbie Social Media Accounts [Part 2]

3 Creative Barbie Accounts To Follow When You Need Crafting Inspiration! (Who You Probably Don’t Already Know) [Part 3]

Why Was YouTube’s Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse Cancelled? 


History of Barbie & Friends

 Barbie in the 21st Century

An EXTREME Guide to Barbie’s Modern-Day Friends

Guide to Raquelle

Guide to Skipper Roberts (focusing on 2010-2018)

Evolution of the Fashionista Line (2009-2017)

We Believe in Girls

The Dream Gap 



2017 Wishlist

2017 Wishlist (revised)

2018 Wishlist

2018 Wishlist (revised)

2020 Wishlist

Top 5 Wishlist Series’



Rock n Royals Character Anyalsis

How to Host a Mermaid Party

My Experience with Barbie

Why Was Monster High Discontinued? An Analysis