A Comprehensive Guide to Raquelle

Alternative Title: The Evolution of Raquelle

We first saw Raquelle in the Spring of 2006, as queen bee of the school in The Barbie Diaries, accompanied by her two best friends, Ragan and Dawn (who never appeared again).

Raquelle played the mean-girl in Barbie’s world, and often insulted her, or made her do silly tasks like bringing her water (hello, the water cooler’s right over there!) Oh, she may have also stolen her boyfriend. With her strawberry blonde hair and snarly attitude, Raquelle immediately became an iconic character in the Barbie universe.

Here she is doll-form:

From then on, Raquelle continuously appeared in the Fashion Fever lineup and was featured in books as ‘Barbie’s friend-whose-not-really-her-friend.’

Trickles 2012, Fashion Fever Raquelles. Available from https://www.flickr.com/photos/92323587@N08/8386427991 [July 2017]

Raquelle’s next movie appearance wasn’t until 2010 with Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale. In this film, Raquelle was seen as Ken’s friend and Barbie’s frenamy.

Once again, Raquelle was spotted trying to steal Barbie’s boyfriend and make her life generally unpleasant -however, this time around, it seems as though Barbie is just as popular as her. This is a contrast to The Barbie Diaries, when Barbie was seen as a “nobody.”

This time, she was featured with jet black hair, as she appeared in the Fashion Fever line.

Raquelle’s next appearance came a year later, in Barbie: A Fairy Secret. In this film, it was revealed that Raquelle was jealous of Barbie, that was why she was so rude to her. Raquelle states that it seemed like Barbie was “popular, pretty, smart,” basically everything she wasn’t.

By the end of the film, Barbie and Raquelle agreed to stay as friends. Once again, Raquelle was seen with her jet black hair.

Since Generation II, and up until Generation IV*, Raquelle remained a core member of the Fashionistas lineup.

*Yes, I just made that up. But it makes sense! I’ll probably do a bigger post about it later.

Generation I -Sweetie, Sassy, Wild, etc.

Generation II -Barbie, Teresa, Nikki, etc.

Generation III- Barbie, Teresa, Nikki, etc. (unarticulated)

Generation IV- The Doll Evolves

2012 Raquelle, Clutch Wave 1 Fashionista

2012 Clutch Wave 2 Fashionistas -Barbie, Raquelle, Nikki, Teresa, Summer.

2013 Rainbow Wave 1 Fashionistas -Teresa, Barbie, Summer, Barbie, Raquelle, Nikki


2013 Rainbow Wave 2 Fashionistas -Nikki, Raquelle, Summer, Teresa, Barbie, Barbie

2014 Fashionistas Tropical, Glam & Sleepover -Ken, Barbie, Raquelle, Summer, Barbie, Teresa, Nikki, Barbie, Ryan, Summer, Teresa, Barbie

Oops! Too late! Remember how Barbie and Raquelle agreed to be friends in A Fairy Secret? Yeah, by May 2014,* they were frenamies again -just in time for Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse to premiere.

*I think it was May 2014? I’m just taking all these dates from memory.

Because LitD is the type of show where ‘everything finishes as it began’ (think of ‘The Simpsons’ or ‘Frasier’), Raquelle did not show a lot of character development. However, we did gain some insight into where she lives, how she lives and why she does the things she does.

In Trapped in the Dreamhouse, Raquelle reveals that she tries to be better than Barbie in order to feel better about herself.

In LitD, Raquelle once again sports her jet black hair. We are also introduced to Ryan, Raquelle’s twin brother, who appeared in earlier Fashionista waves.

Life in the Dreamhouse also brought it’s own series of dolls, and here, Raquelle finally got her own Talkin’ doll (as she’s always dreamed, of course).

The Talkin’ doll.

The standard doll.

After LitD’s cancellation, Raquelle has appeared in the Barbie Style lineup, but since then? Nothing.

Honestly, I didn’t even pay attention to the waves of Barbie Style, so I can’t remember what years they came out.


And yes, I did search ‘Raquelle memes’ to find this gif.

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