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NEW Barbie Fashions 2022 “Rock Chic” and “Garden Party”

I noticed my girls have been looking a little shabby recently, so I decided to gift them some new fashions! I came across TWO new Fashion Packs at Target today. They were $13 each, but Target was having a sale where you could buy one and get the second half price, so the second fashion pack was only $6.50! That meant I got everything for only $19.50 which I think is a real bargain.

Unfortunately, Kennedy is too invested in telling her story to notice the package that has appeared right before their very eyes!

“And then I said to her, give me an iced chai latte with an extra shot or nothing!”

Nolee is the first to notice the package!

“Wait, Kennedy, just shut up for a moment! Look at this!”


There’s only one thing that Kennedy likes more than telling stories about herself, and that’s new clothes! “Do you think they’re for us?”

“Gosh, Kennedy, you really are stupid!” Nolee says, laughing to herself. “Obviously they’re for us! C’mon, let’s try them on!”

Here is Kennedy wearing the first outfit. I called this set “Rock Chic” because I couldn’t find the official name. Personally I don’t really like the design of the dress (I think the fire is a bit weird), but I LOVE the quality! The design of the dress is really nice, it is actually “shaped” rather than just a piece of fabric sewn haphazardly together. The dress feels silky-smooth.

Here is Nolee wearing the next outfit. The pants, again, WOW! They have some real FLARE to them! I love how everything seems to “fit” much better than any previous fashion packs I have owned. I think I would have preferred if they were just purple, without the pink side, but that is okay, overall, they are very cute!

The shirt is really good quality, it fits very well. It is probably my favourite piece out of the whole pack as it is more of an “everyday” item.

The sunglasses are certainly different! They aren’t my personal style but I do like that Mattel is trying different things, and it does fit the theme.

Overall, I do like that you are able to get some pants, a shirt, a dress, some weird sunglasses and a cute little belt for only $13. Everything is really good quality and it is definitely much nicer pieces than what you get with a Fashionista nowadays!

Onto the second pack! This one I called “garden party.” Here is Kennedy wearing the shirt, and oh my, it is SO CUTE! It is definitely one of the cutest shirts I own – I LOVE the puffed sleeves, and the mint green colour is so cute! Overall this is a 10/10 for me.

But wait, it gets better! You can pair the shirt with this apron-styled dress that has a really cute pattern on it. I LOVE the pattern, it’s so whimsical and the style of the dress is really unique, I have never seen an apron dress like this before.

I really like that both the dress and the shirt can be worn separately or mixed and matched with different items.

This fashion pack also comes with this cute little basket, it reminds me a bit of Ever After High because it is very detailed! (Unusual for Barbie, lol!)

Here is Nolee wearing the other dress! It has a really unique design, the dress looks like it is “floating” rather than how doll dresses are usually cinched at the waist. Personally I really like the colours and the pattern on the dress, but I don’t like the style. However I do commend Mattel for trying something a bit different!

Here is the real pièce de la résistance! THE SHOES! This is what first attracted me to the fashion pack because they reminded me of something out of the early-2000s except MORE COOL. They are just next-level awesome. I LOVE the platform heel, the little shapes, the strap at the back of the ankle, the vivid colour… These are everything!

And that’s my new fashion packs! Overall, I feel I got some great pieces and everything is really good quality, I really like that Mattel is trying something different with different pieces that we have never seen before, like the apron dress and the flared pants. I love that I was able to get:

-1 pair of pants

-2 shirts

-3 dresses


-a bag

-a belt

-and a pair of really cool shoes

For only $19.50! What a bargain. Overall I am very happy 🙂


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