Why Monday Mornings Are The Worst [The Cheer Diaries, Chapter 1]

Ugh, mornings.

Don’t you hate them?

Monday mornings are the worst. If you ask me, asking thirty-three exhausted students to sit attentively in a maths classroom on a Monday morning is a bit like asking your little sister Chelsea to stop collecting unicorn plushies -impossible.

My friends make it a bit more bearable, I guess. We do everything together. First of all there’s Aimee -she’s a literal princess. She’s also super smart, and wins all the science competitions. Then there’s Neko -she loves fashion, just like me. She has her own blog and does all the photography herself. Isn’t that cool?

Next comes Danika. She’s smart, but a bit shy. She really likes computers and playing video games. Finally, there’s Kayla, who loves to play sports. Kayla the total opposite of me -I like shopping for new bags and shoes, while Kayla would much rather be skateboarding or playing basketball. Despite our differences, I love hanging out with my friends, they’re my favourite people in the whole world.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, right! Mornings. I know that today is going to be particularly dreadful, because Mr Steven announced we’re having a maths test. He’s such a jerk. No other teacher would make us take a test on a Monday!

Just as I am thinking about how awful Mr Steven is, I walk right into him!

“Oops,” I say, taking a step back and smoothing out my hair. “Sorry, Mr Steven. I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

Mr Steven sighs and looks down at me. He’s really tall, probably the tallest doll I’ve ever seen. “Try to watch where you’re going, Barbie. You’ve got to stay focused on the world around you! No more daydreaming.”

“Sorry.” I nod, and turn in the other direction. Ugh. See what I said? What a jerk. 

Just as I turn the corner, I run into Kayla. Thankfully, she is much more forgiving. “Barbie!” she cries. I cringe slightly -Kayla is wearing an oversized basketball shirt with leggings and bright yellow shoes. I would never be caught dead in an outfit like that! “Have you studied for the maths test?

“Uh, kinda…” I said, scratching my head. To be honest, I haven’t studied at all. I’ve been way too busy online shopping! It’s not my fault, of course. All the stores were having a sale! And if you know me, you know that I absolutely cannot pass up a sale!

“Oh, Barbie!” Kayla laughs. It’s like she’s a mind reader. “You’ve really got to get your grade up! Didn’t you get a C last time?”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.” I say. “Hey -have you seen Aimee yet? I hope she’s not late…”

“Look, here she is!” Kayla says, pointing down the hall. Aimee, with her bright red hair, is easy to spot in the crowd.

“Hi, Barbie!” Aimee says. “Hi, Kayla! Are you both ready for the maths test? I studied for six hours last night, and five hours the day before… I hope I’ve done enough…”

I roll my eyes jokingly. “Yeah, I think that’s enough! Come on, let’s go in already so we can pick the best seats.”

As I walk into the classroom, with my two best friends by my side, I realise that perhaps Monday mornings aren’t quite so bad.



What is this, Holly? What kind of post do you call this, huh?

Erm… I’m not sure, exactly. Maybe I’ll make it into a series, maybe not. After all, I still have the second instalment of Cali Girl Adventures to finish up, so I should probably finish that one first.

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed this small excerpt. I hope to write more in the future.

Also! I saw the beekeeper doll IRL. Here she is:

And here’s the teacher doll, too.

See you next time! xx

-PACE! ❤


4 thoughts on “Why Monday Mornings Are The Worst [The Cheer Diaries, Chapter 1]

  1. Yeah, Mondays are not my favorite days, that’s for sure!

    I’m actually taking Algebra I this year, which has been quite the struggle. It’s not that I don’t pay attention, because I do, but it’s been pretty tough. My teachers are all really nice, including my Algebra teacher…I just wish he’d tell us of upcoming tests instead of making them all “pop tests”.

    Our principal has told us on numerous occasions that it’s all about our attitudes that will make Mondays terrible or not. Or, as he puts it, “think of Mondays as a whole week to do stuff.” He means have a better attitude, and remember that Monday is just one day, and of course will eventually be over. It’s a pretty unique way to think about it, that’s for sure.

    This week has been pretty hectic so far for me. I was absent both Monday and Tuesday because of some severe allergy issues. I thought I might have also have had an ear infection, but I was literally just at the doctor and they assured me that, no, I don’t have an infection! So that’s obviously great news!0

    Also, this is kind of random, but a short while back I was looking through the Barbie friends and family Wikipedia page, and on Skipper’s page it says her full name is Skipper Madison Roberts. Did Mattel actually confirm that? I didn’t think they ever confirmed the middle names of any of Barbie’s sisters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I don’t think that Skipper’s middle name was ever confirmed. I think sometimes children edit the Wikipedia pages for Barbie -at certain points, the lexicon and syntax is not very good!

      I hope you are feeling better! 😦 It sucks being absent, because then you miss out on stuff and have to do more work later. I’m very grateful I don’t have to do algebra anymore, it was difficult to remember all the formulas. I couldn’t imagine having to do a pop quiz! That would be terrible.

      Your principal has a good attitude! I always like to start “new” things on Mondays (like drinking more water or eating more fruit), but tbh, I usually forget about it 😂


  2. Are you just writing a story, or do you really hate Mondays? I find it kind of hard to believe most people hate Monday while it is my favorite day of the week… but then again my school is awesome while most others are not-so-awesome (I’m homeschooled).
    Ohhh, that beekeeper doll looks nice!


    1. Oh no, haha! Everyday of the week is the same for me -just work and studying all the time. The beekeeper doll is certainly an unusual decision, but she looks pretty cool regardless.

      Liked by 1 person

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