Pizza Day [The Cheer Diaries, Chapter 2]

So, I failed the maths test.

I suppose that shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. I didn’t study at all last night. On the positive side (and you should know, I always think on the positive side), at least I’ve got some online shopping purchases coming in the mail soon!

Aimee, the science whiz, passed with flying colours. The lucky thing. I wish I could be naturally smart like her.

It’s lunchtime now, and we’re all hanging out in the Caf. It’s actually just the regular school cafeteria, but I call it the ‘Caf’ just to sound cool.

I place my plastic tray on the table with a loud thud and sit down with the rest of my friends. Aimee and Neko are engrossed in conversation, Kayla is checking Dollbook on her phone and Danika is staring at her computer, as always. So it’s just me. I’m surrounded by my friends, but somehow, I’m alone.

Why do lunchtimes always end up like this?

“Ahem,” I say, clearing my throat. I look around the table, but nobody even acknowledges I have arrived. “So, guys. I’m here.”

Aimee briefly glances at me. “Oh, hi, Barbie.” She turns back to Neko, and the two continue to whisper together. Aimee and Neko are actually dating -I thought it was a bit weird at first, but now it’s not a problem at all. Well… I guess it is a tiny problem, because the two always talk to each other and ignore everybody else!

I try to make conversation with Kayla. “So, Kayla, how did you go on the maths test?”

Kayla makes a face. “Terrible. It’s so annoying, because my mom said she’d fix my skateboard if I got a A. But of course, I got a B instead!” Kayla folds her arms across her chest. “Now I won’t get to skateboard for another month!”

“B grades aren’t too bad though,” I say. “At least you passed! I completely failed!”

“Ouch,” Kayla says. “Sorry, Barbie. That sucks. You must feel terrible.”

“Yeah,” I nod. “But it’s okay. I’ll do better on the next one, I promise.” See what I mean about staying positive? Staying optimistic is totally my thing.

My stomach rumbles, and I suddenly realise how hungry I am. I didn’t eat anything for breakfast this morning, not even a coffee like I usually do. Today is ‘pizza day’ at the Caf. I’ve ordered plain cheese pizza, my favourite, with a side of lettuce. Gotta get those vegetables in somewhere, right?

It’s silent at the table as everyone eats, apart from the tap-tap-tap of Danika’s keyboard. She’s squinting at the screen as she types hurriedly, and mumbling to herself about beating some kind of high score.

I decide to start the conversation up again. “So, is there anything fun happening this weekend? I heard that The Angels are playing at the Beachside Centre on Saturday night.”

Neko frowns. “Saturday night? No can do. I’ve got a photoshoot scheduled. I’m starting a new series on my blog -day to night fashion.”

Aimee shakes her head as well. “I’ve got a business meeting. Some kind of royal thing… Ugh.”

“Yeah, I can’t go either.” Danika says apologetically, finally looking up from the screen. “My favourite gamer is doing a livestream.”

I turn to Kayla. Surely she’ll be free, right?

Unfortunately for me, Kayla shakes her head as well. “Nope. I’ve got to clean my attic all weekend, so I won’t have time to do anything else. Sorry.”

“Oh.” My face falls. “Well, maybe we can do something tonight. Is anybody free?” I look around the table, but everyone shakes their heads.

“I’ve got to study for the English exam.” Neko says.

“Yeah,” Aimee agrees. “Me too. I’ll be locked up studying all night!”

“I’ve got to help my mom with something,” Danika explains. “It’s for her community college class.”

“I’m busy, too.” Kayla adds. “I’ve got basketball training. Big game soon!”

I try to hide my disappointment. How are none of my friends available to hang out? It’s so unfair. I look down at my pizza, which suddenly doesn’t look so appetising anymore.


After school, I take my sweet time walking home. Malibu High School isn’t very far from my house, so I always enjoy walking in the sunshine. It’s a nice area -palm trees line the street, the sidewalks are always paved and the beach is only a few minutes away. It’s just perfect, really.

As I walk, I can see a black object right in the middle of the road up ahead. An animal? I wonder. I hope it’s not.

I jog a little further up the street to take a closer look. To my relief, it’s not an animal at all -it’s a lonely black skateboard! I bet Kayla would love a new skateboard, I think to myself. I look around for the owner, but the street is deserted. I decide it is okay to keep it for myself, and pick it up to take home with me.

The skateboard is quite heavy under my arm, and the wheels are brand-new. It looks good quality; I can’t wait to show Kayla what I’ve found her!

I round the corner and turn into my house. It’s the biggest one in the street. My parents aren’t home yet, and our housekeeper is away, so I have to let myself in. The house is empty and quiet, so my footsteps echo in the long hallway.

I put the skateboard down in my room and log onto my computer straight away. A message awaits from my boyfriend, Ken.

Hey, babe. I didn’t see you much at school today. How did the maths test go??

I quickly tap back my response and send it off.

Not so good 😦 Hey -do u wanna see The Angels on Saturday night w/ me? 

Ken isn’t online, so he doesn’t reply straight away. I don’t mind. Ken and I have been dating for a really long time, so I know he must be busy doing something else. Ken likes doing all sorts of things -playing soccer, fixing things, learning about cars, surfing… All sorts of “boy stuff.”

I log onto Dollbook and scroll through my newsfeed for a little while, before getting bored and logging off my computer. I spin around in my computer chair until I get dizzy and fall off. I have to wonder -is this what everyone else does when they get home from school?

I hear a tap-tap at my door. It must be one of my sisters, home from school. “Come in,” I call out. Frankly, it’s odd that they didn’t just barge right in!

The door opens, and my little sister Chelsea walks in. “Barbie, what are you doing on the floor?” she asks.

I smile, and realise that sitting on your bedroom floor probably looks a little bit weird. “Oh, I just fell off my chair. I spun around too much.”

Chelsea giggles. It doesn’t take much to make her smile. She’s only six, so she hasn’t quite hit that “evil sister stage” yet. “Mom wants to know if you’ve finished your homework yet.”

I glance at the pile of books sitting on my desk. “Er, sort of.” That’s a lie. I haven’t read any of them, and we’re due to finish the required reading by tomorrow.

At this, Chelsea brightens instantly. “Great! Wanna go to the beach? There’s a big festival on, with snack stalls and fireworks and everything.”

I nod enthusiastically. Homework can definitely wait! “Sure, let me just grab my purse, and we can head out.”

“Awesome!” Chelsea cries. “Skipper and Stacie want to come as well. This is gonna be so much fun!”

I have to agree with Chelsea. After the day’s trio of disappointments, I really need to do something fun!


Woo-hoo, I reached 1200 words! Apart from chapter one of this series, I really haven’t written anything in two years (unless you count the Barbie Cali Girl series I did awhile ago). A couple of years ago, it would be strange if I went even two days without working on my story (it reached over 300 pages… How crazy is that?)

I’ve just started reading a new book, which is also good. It’s called ‘Big Little Lies,’ and I really like it! I haven’t read anything since high school, and even that, it was just required reading for English class. Anyway, that’s what’s new with me.

I hope you are finding this series interesting! It’s targeted towards preteens / young teens (like 10-16 years old), and I’m trying to make it #relatable. If there was a real Barbie short novel series, this is what I would like to be like -about Barbie facing real life issues, and acting like a real life girl. Y’know?






3 thoughts on “Pizza Day [The Cheer Diaries, Chapter 2]

  1. Interesting. For some reason, I haven’t been fond of lunchtime since kindergarten, probably since it gets quite loud. I sit with my friend Hannah, who is pretty much a health nut. I understand where she’s coming from, but sometimes I wish she’d occasionally treat herself. She hardly ever orders pizza.

    But I’m certainly not one to talk. I haven’t ordered lunch from the cafeteria all year! They serve the same things over and over, and people say the food is only “okay”. They don’t even serve it on plastic trays; they use paper plates. It makes sense, though, because they’re cheaper, though there are those concerned about the environment. I understand that, as we should try our best to be good stewards of the home we were allowed to take care of, but there are many other ways to be environmentally-friendly. Generally, I think my school does a good job in that area. : )

    I, too, would love a Barbie series focused on her school and friends. Especially if it included Midge! Oh, and they could feature her teachers, other classmates, etc, as well as her family. It could be pretty interesting!


    1. Man, I wish I could be healthy like that. I made a salad for lunch today, but then I left it in the fridge at home. At least I tried?? I’ll eat it tomorrow, I guess.

      When I was at school, I never ordered from the food shop either (we don’t have cafeterias, obviously, but we did have a shop that sold garlic bread and fruit etc). Too expensive! Like your school, it was only “okay” as well. 😂


      1. I think the most important thing is trying. Over the years, I have reduced my lunchtime meal to only include a sandwich, always in half. Plus, I take a water bottle. After school, I’ll usually either eat a banana or apple, although sometimes nothing. I do eat dinner, of course.

        My school only serves one meal a day. What I mean by that is, you only have the option of whatever they’re serving. For example, if one day they were to serve pizza and salad, that’s all you can get; you don’t have any other options. The price is fairly reasonable, though, at three U.S. dollars per meal. I’m not sure how that compares to your money system.

        Oh, and today is the international Dreamhouse Adventures release date, isn’t it? I hope you get to watch all the new content!


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