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Why Was Monster High Discontinued? An Analysis.

Okay, so I know this is a Barbie blog, BUT this is a really insightful analysis examining why Monster High was discontinued!

(see below video by clawdeena9, one of my favourite YouTubers)

Personally, I always wondered why they rebranded Monster High when the sales was doing so well. I was really surprised that MH and EAH were discontinued and I feel that Mattel hasn’t really replaced them with anything – sure, there was the Enchantimals, but let’s admit that they weren’t very good! It will be interesting to see about the new MH film in the future and if there are any dolls from the film (I assume there will be – because we all know what Mattel is like! Haha.)

This video helps to provide more information about this turbulent time in Mattel’s history. Even though I’m not a fan of Monster High, I found it really, really interesting!


On another note, I visited Kmart today and had a look in the Barbie aisle.

Oh Lord.

To be honest, I haven’t been to the shops in months (thanks, COVID-19 for that one), so I haven’t been able to look at new Barbie stuff for most of the year. So it was a surprise to see that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAD CHANGED.

New products? Nope.

Old Fashionistas from 2018? Yup. Still there. I’m not even joking. Has there even been a new range of Fashionistas since 2019? Serious question, because I haven’t seen any new promo images lately.

There was also a few random Dreamtopia princesses, but there were also from the old range (I can’t remember the year – probably 2018 but maybe 2019, the Dreamtopia range confuses me because it all looks the same every year). And that was IT! I was horrified. I should have taken a picture.

Does Mattel seriously have no new products to show us?

Is this the end?

What is GOING ON?


Hope you’re all safe and well! Remember to stay home, wear a mask if you need to go out and wash your hands! (And stop paying with cash, for goodness sake!)


2 thoughts on “Why Was Monster High Discontinued? An Analysis.

  1. There actually are a number of new dolls in the Fashionista range, including a Ken with long blond hair who is one of the highlights of the bunch. There are also a range of Olympics themed dolls, and some new outfits and playsets. And the new BMR 1959 doll range has everybody buzzing, but those aren’t for sale in regular stores. And a set of dolls based on the Korean pop group BTS. Not all of the new things are fantastic, but there are still new things.

    I’m going to watch the Monster High video sometime soon, and maybe I’ll come back to discuss it.

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    1. Ah yes! I forgot about them! I saw the Ken doll on Twitter awhile ago and then just completely forgot to make a post. The BMR 1959 dolls are so cool -I love the bright colours! So fashionable!

      I hope to see the Olympics dolls in person soon, their outfits are really unusual and interesting.


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