How To Save Money as a Barbie Collector

Okay, I know this post is literally sooo hypocritical of me, considering I’ve probably racked up at least $100 on Barbie spending this year alone. But still! I think I’ve got some solid advice here! (if only I could follow it myself…)

Before You Head to the Shops, Check Out Local Markets

I love hunting for old Barbies, and markets are my go-to spot. I find secondhand shops to be absolutely terrible for Barbies, I never find anything there, but that’s not to say markets are perfect, either. Often I won’t see a single Barbie item at all, but sometimes there’ll be a real winner, like the time I saw a NRFB Heart Family doll, or an 2009 Artsy dress.

Often, you’ll pay only $5 for a doll, which is much better than paying $15 in the shops.

Look Online For Second-Hand Dolls

I’ve scored heaps of deals online, such as my duo Annalise and Erika dolls with outfits and pets! However, be prepared to do some negotiating and driving -often I’ve had to travel quite far to pick up a good deal.

The best kind of deals is when somebody is downsizing their collection, as you’ll often end up with heaps of furniture, dolls and outfits for a bulk price. Most of the time, people just want this stuff out of the house!


Don’t Look Down the Barbie Aisle

I know, this is so terribly hypocritical of me, since I visit the shops several times a week, but let’s ignore that little fact.

When you go shopping and you see something you like, what do you do? You buy it, of course! If you make an effort to avoid the pink aisle, you won’t see what you can’t have and you’ll walk away with more cash in your pocket. #Winning

Look At What You Have Already

Or, more specifically, look at all the money you’ve spent already! For example, I paid $30 for my PCS Delancy Schoolgirl doll. And she’s beautiful! I don’t regret buying her! But how often do I actually use her? Have I used her enough to justify spending $30 on her?

I like to do a ‘feature post’ on all of my Barbies -it helps me to notice what I’ve already got, and how I can use pieces in different ways. For example -I don’t really use my Happy Family Baby Doctor playset. However, if I began a photostory that focused on a baby doctor, I sure would use it more often, and I wouldn’t feel the need to buy a different playset.


When In Doubt, Craft It Out

Sometimes, you really want a new Barbie toy. Perhaps you want a bean bag. Or a bedroom, or a treehouse, or a new pair of jeans. Chances are, there is a tutorial online showing you how to make it.

You might remember that I went years without any new Barbie stuff? In that tine, I did a lot of crafting. Every time myfroggystuff released a new video, I made it. It really helped me to soothe my cravings for new Barbie stuff, and the best part was that when I was finished with it, I could just throw it away or re-purpose the materials.

Remember Why You’re Saving

For me, it’s because I’m a needy person and I want lots of nice things. I want to go travelling, and stay in nice hotels and do lots of touristy things. I want a Nintendo Switch, and all the games and accessories. I want to one day live in a house, with a nice toilet and an oven (that doesn’t have the word ‘microwave’ in front).


Justify, Justify, Justify

Okay. You’ve held yourself back from buying Barbie for quite some time now. You’ve passed on the latest range of Fashionistas, and those cute Barbie Style dolls. You’ve got some cash and you’re ready to finally buy something.

BUT WAIT! Think about your purchases, because impulse buys are usually rubbish. Case in point? My Dreamtopia Candy Mermaid doll -after watching a review online, I suddenly, desperately needed her. And boy, do I regret it! So, remember to think about your purchases and ask yourself-

-Will I be able to use the clothing pieces in many different outfits? (for example, a doll with a jacket, pants, bag and shirt is better than a doll with a plain dress)

-Is this doll going to become an important ‘main character?’ Or will she sit in a storage cupboard?

-Is there anything I dislike about the doll? (for example, a gluey head or a wonky eye can make you hate an otherwise-beautiful doll)

-Will I USE it? (for example, a new Skipper doll is probably better than a firefighter doll, because how often do you need a firefighter?)

-Is this doll for display, or for play? (Case in point: I spent a LOT of money on my The Look City Shine Collector doll, but she only sits on the shelf and I have no emotional investment in her. My playline Neko doll is more important!)



For Films: Wait for a sale! DO NOT buy on release! It’s silly to spend $30 on a film that will be $20 in a few months. If you can wait, then do! Barbie films are different from dolls -they have a longer shelf life, so you can leave the store knowing they’ll be there when you get back.

A little ramble: Buying new dolls makes me feel terribly happy, so I am often guilty of thinking ‘oh, I feel sad. If I bought a new doll, I can be happy again.’ This is probably not healthy?? Idk. I’m sure, even if I had a whole room full of Barbie, I would still want more, more, more

I think there is a very fine line betweeen when you convince yourself you “deserve” something, and when you actually deserve a treat. For example, if I have had a hard time recently, I usually forgive myself for spending a bit of extra cash. But something I don’t forgive myself for is binge / impulse buying stuff I don’t need, with money I don’t have. 


Okay, that’s all my tips. What are yours?


5 thoughts on “How To Save Money as a Barbie Collector

  1. My number one tip: Marry a man who howls with horror every time a new package arrives in the post. Last year I went completely overboard because I was creating my first doll house, and ultimately my soap opera blog and my husband finally forced me to make a budget. I meticulously note down what I spend in a spread sheet and soon I will have spent my allowance for the year and will have to go months without buying anything. Cold turkey doll spending! I seem to spend the most on dolls, next clothes, and finally the doll house stuff. I’m not very good at crafting because I have arthritis in my hands but I’ve recently bought a hot glue gun and loads of other things to make stuff so I see more crafting in my future. I went to two pound shops yesterday in hopes of finding clothing packs for a pound but not luck. I did buy two plastic dogs for a pound and some crafting supplies.

    Number two tip is one you mentioned – will I use it? Because, like you, I’m now creating photo stories, I won’t buy a doll that won’t be a good cast member, which means every week I go down the toy aisle where they sell fashionistas, stare at them, and walk on by. I can’t justify buying a doll that isn’t articulated or so overwhelmingly cute that she’s worth buying a second made-to-move body to make her articulated. I do make stupid mistakes though, because Mattel insists on changing the skin colour of their dolls. I just bought a doll I had used before to rebody another doll, bought another one to rebody another doll and discovered that her skin tone was completely different from the one I had purchased previously! Not cool, Mattel, not at all! So now I have a new doll. At least she’s articulated. I’ve got another M2M doll on the way and if she doesn’t match the skin tone of any of the dolls I want to rebody, I’m donating her to an artist who does reroots and repaints whose dolls I love. I just sent him a whole box of unwanted dolls and he’s offered to make something just for me, so that’s an option also.


    1. Aaaa I could never hold off buying for months, that will take some crazy-strong willpower! In January, I set myself several limits for different categories of stuff (clothes, Barbie, etc.) I passed all the limits before the end of the month and gave up. Oops… With your second tip, I completely agree about the Fashionistas thing -a lot of them are cute, but not cute enough to justify spending more on a M2M body. Good luck on your allowance-keeping!

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  2. I mainly buy dolls from second-hand shops. I’ve scored some awesome dolls from there, such as a spy squad doll or a Teresa doll from 2015. I made only one mistake in them, which I kind of like, that I bought THE EXACT doll I have. I made up the excuse that I wanted twin dolls. Ha ha.
    I find there is no need for the Barbie DVD’s, because you can find them online for free.
    This is a very good post. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Wow, those are really good finds! There’s no problem with having two of the same doll -I have plenty of dolls the same, I just say they are sisters haha.


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