2017 Wishlist

I AM SO KEEN FOR 2017. I forgot to put Video Game Hero in here, but obvi I am SUPER excited for that! It looks kinda like Wreck it Ralph to me? But more in a good way, than how it looked in Secret Door.

All of these images not my own. They are from https://barbielistholland.wordpress.com/2016/07/08/2017-news-about-the-barbie-dolls/

You know what gives me life? Mermaids. But more than that? Mermaids that pretend to be humans. As a kid, this would always be my #1 pool or bath game. The cover looks AMAZING and the storyline is fab. But the cover is definitely missing something below that purple dolphin. Like a tagline, in pink?

Right now I’m in the process of selling a whole bunch of Barbie furniture, so it seems silly to buy more, but look at this! It’s so small, and so cute! Look at that DVD player with the DVDs on top! Look at that blanket! I just… I just can’t resist.

Honestly, whenever a new Birthday Wishes doll comes out, my first reaction is ‘whatever.’ But this is the first BW doll that I have ever liked! Isn’t she GORGEOUS? I would def. pay $120 for her!

Another shot of the BW girl, because that dress is just too good. I liked Barbie and Teresa as well, but they were hardly as nice.

Yes, they look like they either stepped out of a Fanta ad, or are secretly Ambiio figures or McDonalds toys. But still. Cute. My favourite is the one with the headphones. They’d make an awesome gift!

I do not give Stacie enough love. She’s a nice doll! But this one is better. Articulated knees! Cute clothes! And a scooter! I find it interesting that Stacie is almost never dressed in pants, but Skipper is mostly dressed in pants. Is it because Stacie is supposed to be ‘sporty’ and Skipper stays inside all day? it’s funny because Stacie used to be the quiet child, who played piano and read by herself! Ha! Don’t you love it when Mattel pretends past personalities didn’t exist? (*cough* Teresa, Grace, Christie…)

I AM BUYING THIS GIRL FOR SURE! I turn 18 next year, which means… Hello, Amazon! Finally, I will be able to buy things that aren’t sold outside of the US!

This girl looks totally evil. I love it! I need some more evil girls around Aquifolia High, now that Imogen is being somewhat nice. (For now…) I love her clothes too! And that dark lipstick is pretty unusual post 2015 rebranding. It’s safe to say I’ve missed it.

You know who this girl looks like? That popular girl who’s dad owns some big company and is totally rich -rooftop parties, pools with fairy lights, the whole deal. But she doesn’t let it get to her head, either, and never gets involved in drama. She walks with an air of ‘too cool for you.’

I really, really enjoyed the Dreamtopia Short Film -thing. I thought it was simply fabulous. I didn’t like the webisodes so much, but let’s be frank; I am not the target audience. Mattel does not create webisodes about a magical dreamland for teenagers. Regardless, this cover is absolutely gorgeous and the best thing that’s happened to Kelly Dream Club 2.0  Dreamtopia.

What are you thinking of getting? It’s crazy because I was sure that I was going to save money this year. But this list alone will cost me, I don’t know… $300? I’ll have to factor ‘Barbie’ into my budget!

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