6 Easy Ways to Refurbish Your Dollhouse On a Budget

DIY can be hard – from hot glue burns to cardboard that never seems to hold up, sometimes its much easier to simply “refresh” your dollhouse rather than start from scratch!

*The following images are all from Instagram, and I have included the username at the top of the picture so you can easily follow the original creator!*


To add some interest to your dollhouse’s kitchen, use wood accents to create a backsplash like @thedauhlhouse! This is a really creative idea that is easy to recreate for collectors on a budget.


If you don’t want to spend big on a proper doll wardrobe, these jewellery cupboards make excellent closets! You can often find them in the kid’s section at department stores. For more room ideas, definitely check out @labellahills as she creates some really nice dioramas!


In a similar fashion, you can easily create these shoe holders using the bookcases from the IKEA dollhouse set, which helps to make a really cute in-built wardrobe! @Bella_barbiedoll knows how it’s done!


@karlmj76 has created a realistic treadmill for their dolls to use! I bet this would be really easy to recreate using simple cardboard, paint and a hot glue gun.


To make your doll’s sunglasses look even more stylish, a little Sharpie goes a long way! This is a trick I’ll definitely be trying out in the future.


This is an older trick I learnt from @fashionisto2k on Flickr (this picture, however, is from @jjinyang1979), but it’s still a really great idea, especially as sometimes playline doll shoes can look a little bland.


Finally, here’s a pic from @flademirmasiero; there’s no DIY tip here, but I thought the image was really nice!


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