How to Be Successful on Dollstagram (Doll Instagram)

What is Dollstagram?

Dollstagram refers to the doll-collecting community on Instagram -you’ll find that many collectors hashtag their photos with #dollstagram. You’ll also find people saying things like “I haven’t been active on Dollstagram lately,” and so on.

What kind of people use Dollstagram?

While Instagram itself is targeted towards teenagers and young adults, the Dollstagram community is much more widespread, and can be split into two demographics. The first one is the young collectors -often, these are teenagers who still have their childhood doll collection. Expect lots of filters and lower quality pictures!

The second is the adults -these people usually have been collecting for a long time, and they generally post higher quality pictures.

This image is by @flademirmasiero, a photographer and collector from Brazil.

How do I become successful on Dollstagram?

Good pictures, frequent posts and strong interaction with others in the community will all help to bring you success on Dollstagram. However…

A lot of it is just luck! My first Dollstagram account had over 1k followers within one year. My second Dollstagram account, has 400 followers after three years. See how weird that is? Especially because I am posting the exact same type of photos of the exact same dolls!

Anyway. That just goes to show that even though both the accounts were the same, the follower count is vastly different, so luck has a huge impact.

This image is by @ayrtonschmidt, a 20 year old collector from Belgium.

Why are people pretending to be their dolls?

It’s extremely common to make an Instagram account for your doll. For example, you would post a picture of your doll at the mall, and say “just doing a bit of shopping!” or perhaps you would post a picture of your doll with Ken, and say “meeting up with my boyfriend!”

Typically, these type of accounts follow the lives of one doll. Some of them are done in soap-opera style, and will show the doll getting married, having children, moving houses, and so on. Some doll accounts will be friends with other doll accounts, and sometimes there is a bit of drama between them, too!

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 9.12.51 am.png

See how the bio is as if it was written by Sabrina herself. This type of bio is very common -often, you will see the doll’s name, career, age and some of their doll friends.

What other types of accounts are there?

The other type of account is a photostory or soap-opera type of account. Some of these are really popular! You will see a photo of a scene with a caption underneath, explaining what is going on and what the dolls are saying. There’s lots of drama, and these are usually very interesting to read! Some of these accounts are structured like a reality show, with ‘seasons’ and ‘behind the scenes.’

Pro: Regular story updates delivered right into your Instagram feed! If you are active on Instagram, these are easy to keep up with.

Con: If you’re not active on Instagram, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on.

Some doll accounts will focus on shorter storylines, like @kenoffinland, and others will create big worlds and complex storylines, like @labellahills.

La Bella Hills is a popular soap-opera style account. 

What are some things to remember when using Dollstagram?

-Instagram is NOT Flickr. On Flickr, it is fine to post multiple photos at one time, however, on Instagram this can get really annoying! Try to make use of the ‘post multiple pictures at once’ feature, or try to limit yourself to 1 or 2 posts in a row.

-If you can, try to post once per day! Many accounts post two or three times per day, but they leave gaps of a few hours in-between.

-It is extremely common for your photos to be reposted without credit, and usually asking the person to remove the photo doesn’t help! Don’t get angry -if you are really annoyed by this, simply add a watermark to your photos.

-Use hashtags appropriately! If your doll is not a Fashionista, don’t use the hashtag #barbiefashionista for goodness sake! Instead, try #barbiedoll, #mattel, #barbiedolls or #barbiephotography.

This image is from @sayaka.and.k, a doll collector from Japan.

My favourite accounts:

  • jianyang1979
  • oneof88
  • bella_barbiedoll
  • barbieswall
  • merjakayhko
  • this_dolls_life
  • sayaka.and.k

What are your best tips for finding success on Instagram? If you want to check out my account, it’s hollythepanda_



6 thoughts on “How to Be Successful on Dollstagram (Doll Instagram)

  1. Cool! I don’t actually have Instagram, or any other form of social media. Sometimes I look at doll pictures on Flickr, or watch people’s videos on YouTube, but other than that I’m not really active on such things.

    It’s probably a combination of factors. One being that I just don’t have the time (I just finished the rough draft of my 5-page MLA research paper!), and the other being that I don’t have a smartphone, only a flip-phone, as I’ve mentioned before. They are more compact than smartphones, but their photos aren’t nearly as good. (Or I could just be a bad photographer, Lol!). I only text and make calls on my phone, so it doesn’t really matter about the quality of photos, but for most people, it probably would!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Man, 5 pages is rough! I don’t think I wrote anything that long until I was a junior. I only started using social media myself just recently, but before that, I would always have a look through Flickr and Instagram, never actually signing up. Now I am obesseeedddd haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have an Instagram account and follow quite a few doll photographers. I mainly use it as a photo editing tool as it has some features that I like, and posting the photos is only secondary. It’s always fun to see other people’s photos but I don’t go on it that often.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, same here. When I was “serious” about gaining followers, I uploaded a couple times a day but now I’m lucky if I upload once a fortnight! It’s just an easy way to keep up with different accounts I am interested in.

      Liked by 2 people

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